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Warren talks about auricular medicine and QNRT, Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy,
two extremely effective modalities he practices.

Auricular Medicine enables Warren to find out exactly which organs, glands, or tissues are out of balance. Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy is a proprietary protocol designed to initiate a quantum shift by resetting the brain from emotional shocks and trauma lodged in the nervous system.


Naseema Omer Show – Radio Interview on “Raising Healthy Children”

QNRT | Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy

QNRT stands for Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy. It is a unique therapy based on the knowledge that unresolved emotional trauma and life patterns lead to imbalances in our lives, eventually causing anything from troubled relationships to major disease.


Emotional shocks and traumas that you experience create challenging dynamics in your nervous system. These events or life patterns simultaneously imprint on your brain, tissues, and psyche. The information is often buried in your subconscious mind and leads to dysfunction in the way you perceive and navigate your life. It also changes the way your body functions, leading to imbalances and disease. QNRT works to resolve emotional shock, trauma events, and life patterns. By letting go of limiting patterns and emotional wounds, relationships transform, hope is restored, and symptoms of illness can vanish.


QNRT can provide amazing resolution and healing while improving your overall quality of life. If you want to change the way you see yourself and your life, transform your relationships, let go of things you have been unable to accept, and see how the illnesses in your life can be rooted in childhood wounding and self-devaluating beliefs, QNRT is right for you.

My experience:  I have been doing natural medicine for over 22 years. Although I have gotten very good at getting rid of most health issues, I found that many patients would still complain of attracting negative relationships, or have self loathing, or chronic anxiety or depression and even nagging physical complaints.  Now with QNRT I can address these patterns, not just on the energetic level, but actually change the brain.  I am using at least 30% less supplements and remedies as we work on this deeper causative level. Over 80% of my patients I work with are now using QNRT.

The New Paradigm in Healing


Warren King, L.Ac. examining a patient.

There is a divine intelligence in us that continually seeks wholeness. This inner light wants to create in us a healthy body, balanced emotions, clear mind and strong spirit. By utilizing what nature has provided and our inner wisdom, as well as the ancient and modern wisdom of those who have pursued truth, we have all the tools we need to heal ourselves: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The purpose of this site is to give you the tools and information that you need to take control of your own health and wholeness. The true healer is within you. Let it direct you to those avenues of healing that will allow you to address the root cause of your issues. Then you will not only find the way to rid yourself of uncomfortable symptoms, but you will truly LIVE – with wisdom, strength and joy!

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Warren King - Radio interview on Raising Healthy Children by the Naseema Omer Show
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Our Healing Modalities

During your examination, Warren King, L.Ac. will test which healing modalities are most beneficial for you and guide you on your path to health. Warren King, L.Ac. has training in the following healing arts:

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