Kuzu for Winter

Kuzu: A Home Remedy for Winter

This alkalizing yangizing drink can be used for many conditions. It was originally created as drink for cancer patients to neutralize an acidic blood condition, to be the first food to be taken in the morning. It can balance you out if you have become too yin from excess fruit or sweets or anytime when many would reach for a Tums, Peptobismol, Rolaids or other such digestive symptom remedies. Try it after Thanksgiving dinner! The first thing I would take for signs of a cold or flu, or after vomiting, diarrhea, acid indigestion or stomach upset. (as long as not caused by excess salty foods, in which case hot apple juice and kuzu would be better). It is useful when just need to renew your strength and vitality.


  • Kukicha (bancha) twigs or kukicha tea bags
  • Kuzu starch Umeboshi plums or plum paste
  • Fresh ginger root

If you have kukicha tea pre-made then take 1 cup of cool kukicha twig tea. Dissolve 1 heaping tsp. kuzu. Add 1/2 tsp. mashed umeboshi plum or paste, a few drops of tamari soy sauce. Grate ginger root and squeeze in a few drops of ginger juice (optional). Heat and stir until thick.

Since kuzu must first be dissolved in a cool liquid, if tea is already hot, add all ingredients except kuzu, and simmer. Dissolve the kuzu in a small amount of cool water, and pour into simmering mixture, will thicken and clear. Drink!


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