The Archangel Ritual

The Archangel Ritual

Seat of Central Power in the Body 

Love and Adoration

Call on Chamuel and Charity if you are having trouble meditating or loving someone. Call on them if you are depressed or fearful. 

Imagine a petal pink light ray pouring into and surrounding your heart. Ask God to call upon the third pink ray and the loving energy of Archangel Chamuel and Charity (Repeat these names nine times as if you are calling them).

Thank you for increasing in me the vibrations of adoration that express the universal law of Divine love and the desire to create beauty and harmony, especially in my work as an artist, musician, and peacemaker. Help me to feel unconditional love for my chosen vocation, and for all humankind. Draw out the good in me and stir within me a feeling of oneness with others. Uplift my emotional state and keep me free from depression and fear. May I draw on the quality of Divine love in my heart and express it in my teaching, art, writing, music,–in all of my outer world. Help me to BE love, being everything, desiring nothing, May I radiate qualities of adoration–theprofound act of honoring the Divine within myself and others. May I radiate the Magnificent Beauty within me, dissolving all illusions of fear and agony. Show me that God’s love is always abundantly flowing to and through me and can never be withheld. Thank you for helping me to be compassion in action. Help me to love God with all of my heart, my mind, my body, my soul, with all of my strength. Help me to love my neighbor as myself. Help me to remember that the most self-loving thing I can do is to be selfless. Help me to know and experience the love that passes all understanding. Help me to remember that Love conquers all and melts away all disharmony, fear and imperfection. Thank you for the loving gift of adoration, the passionate embrace of goodness and joy, reverence to God, and the honoring and worshiping of the Divine. Help me to have complete devotion to the goodness of life. Help me to focus on the perfect spark of divine creation within me, the stillness of my own heart and in the hearts of those around me, so that I may increase the Light and illuminate the darkness.


Will, Power, Faith and Protection

Call upon Archangel Michael and Faith when you need courage to achieve success in any venture, or are in need of strength and protection from adversity. They will cut away the veil of illusion or negativity that surrounds you. 

Imagine a sapphire blue light ray pouring into and wrapping around your throat. Ask God to call upon the first blue ray and the loving energy of Archangel Michael and Faith (Repeat these names nine times as if you are calling them. Ex: Archangel Michael and Faith, Archangel Michael and Faith….)

Thank you for the Power and the will of God in all that I* do, and magnify this power and strength within me. Teach me the proper use of power so that I do not miscreate. Help me to be an honorable, rather than self-serving leader. Help me to surrender to the will of God impacted in my heart and imprinted in my soul, so that I may move from instinct into expression of my real and pure purpose in the world, that I may use my life more creatively. Thank you for the power of protection and deliverance from all that is not from God. Lift the veil of illusion, my fall from grace. Grant me the strength of the warrior with the gentleness of a lamb, wiley as a serpent, gentle as a dove. Show me how to increase my ability to deal with problems. Help me cut through all distractions that pull me away from my path, and help me negotiate a path to serenity. Grant me the ability to know that my needs will be manifested, and that my actions will be successful.

  Solar Plexus: 

Peace, Devotion and Ministering Grace

Seek help from Archangel Uriel and Aurora when you need renewed dedication to achieve goals. Look to them for help in performing selfless services to others. 

Imagine a purple light flecked with gold pouring into your solar plexus (above the navel). Ask God to call upon the purple and gold ray and the loving energy of Archangel Uriel and Aurora (Repeat these names nine times as if you are calling them).

Thank you for embodying in me the majestic virtues of God’s grace, devotion and ministration, blazing through me with the qualities of mercy, compassion, and loving protection. Stimulate my desire to bestow mercy upon others. Promote in me a desire to contribute to life through selfless service to God and all human kind. Create in me a strong desire to worship God. Give me the reason, the need, the inspiration, as well as the perfect place and community for devotional worship–sacred, sensual, and meaningful, whole world enfolding. Guide, protect and educate me. Teach me selflessness, and help me to remember that “I am my brother’s keeper.” Remind me that I am creating my fate with everything I think, feel, say and do. Grant me the Power to create my world at will. Make me pure and morally strong. Teach me the lessons I need for mastering the physical plane. Teach me to seek peace by devoting myself to knowing and worshipping God.


Truth, Concentration and Healing

Call upon Archangel Raphael and Mary for their powerful energy when any kind of healing is needed. Ask for help when you need the concentration to focus your attention on a particular vision or achievement. Call on them to enrich your vocation or life’s mission. 

Imagine an emerald green light ray pouring into your third eye. Ask God to call upon the green ray and the loving energy of Archangel Raphael and Mary (Repeat these names nine times as if you are calling them).

Thank you for the helping me to embody the qualities of Divine vision healing and truth. Teach me how to develop my inner vision. Help me to be seers of Truth. Magnify in me the law of God’s abundance. Enhance my ability to create through visualization, the “in-pouring” of God’s perfect manifestation in my life, rather than the “out-picturing” of my own ideas. Allow God’s creative activity to work through me. Help me to remember that in order to properly use fifth ray energy, I must have both the humility and purity of heart to hold firmly a dream of what I am striving for, as well as the likeness of God. Hold in my subconscious mind the “immaculate concept” for my own perfection and the perfection of the earth. Grant me the patience to allow this Divine vision to manifest into its own action, time and space continuum.

Protect me from conscious and unconscious fears, lack of knowledge and unGodly actions that prevent the manifestation of this immaculate concept. Help me to remember that God has the power to cure. Thank you for sustaining and nurturing in me Your Power of concentration. Help me nurture my creative talents.

Below the Navel 

Forgiveness and Freedom

Call upon Zadkiel and Amethyst when you do not know how, or are having a difficult time forgiving yourself and others. 

Imagine a violet light ray pouring into the area below your navel. Ask God to call upon the violet flame and the loving energy of Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst (Repeat these names nine times as if you are calling upon them.

The violet flame has an important role in alchemy, the chemistry of the Middle Ages. Through fire, alchemists of the 16th century learned it was possible to transform base metals into gold. This lesson can be applied on many levels.

The violet flame accomplishes the perfect work of truth that sets us free from disharmony.

A PRAYER OF PROTECTION (repeat at least 3 times): 
Beloved I AM presence bright 
Round me seal your tube of light 
From Ascended Master Flame 
Called forth now in God’s own name 
Let it keep my temple free 
from all discord sent to me. 
I AM calling forth Violet Fire 
to blaze and transmute all desire 
Keeping on in freedom’s name 
til I am one with the violet flame.

I am the Violet Flame, in action in me now 
I am the Violet Flame, to Light alone I bow 
I am the Violet Flame, in mighty Cosmic Power, 
I am the Light of God, shining every hour 
I am the Violet Flame, blazing like the sun 
I am God’s Sacred Power, freeing every one.

Thank you for intensifying in me the Power of mercy, compassion, forgiveness and freedom through the miracle of transmutation and purification. Magnify my ability to forgive by the Power of the Holy Spirit so that my burdens and my lower consciousness may be perfectly transformed to Higher spiritual vibration. Allow me the power and ability to positively change the energy within myself and the world around me at will. Instill in me the power to free myself and all humankind from self-created and self-inflicted negativity and limitation. Help me to remember that understanding and forgiveness are universal solvents that will take the heart of my trouble, which is fear, and transform it into peace, truth and love as if nothing discordant ever happened.

  Crown of the Head: 

Enlightenment, Illumination, Wisdom and Understanding

Call upon Archangel Jophiel and Christine when you need information. When you need understanding of a confusing situation they will pour forth the golden fountain of wisdom upon you. Call upon them to understand your Divine perfect blueprint/plan for your life. 

Imagine a golden yellow light ray pouring into and surrounding the crown of your head. Ask God to call upon the second yellow ray and the loving energy of Archangel Jophiel and Christine (Repeat these names nine times as if you are calling them).

Thank you for the Power of enlightenment, illumination, wisdom and understanding. Help me to use my Creative Intelligence to put an end to ignorance and the “dark ages” inside me and in all humankind. Help me to understand the lessons which my life circumstances are meant to teach me so that I may progress on my spiritual path. Help me create health, wealth, and abundance so that I may be a Powerful Instrument of God’s love, peace, prosperity and authentic power for all humankind. Inspire me with higher knowledge by tapping into the mind of God. I pray for inner beauty that I may radiate outward.

Illuminate me with understanding of the teachings of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, all the saints and prophets in all Wisdom Traditions. Bring me this wisdom so that I may use it in my life and pass it on to others. Whenever there is a spark of inspiration toward spiritual growth, magnetize that fusion. Thank you for the Power of constancy so that I may have the concentration and focus and balance to translate all my Divinely inspired ideas into practical material creation. Thank you for mental mastery, healing and unknotting all messy thoughts and replacing them with perfect vision. Help me to focus my energies away from carnal attractions to the pure mental state of Christ, which is the perfect mind. Grant me the energy of the Christ mind so that I may be totally one with God. Remove the density of all negativity created by my thoughts and feelings such as jealousy, doubt, fear, dishonor, anger, and a lack of integrity. Release mighty currents of light to flow through every cell of my being, turning all bitterness into light. Thank you for the wisdom to discern the perfect blueprint for my life so that I may create my life in a positive way.


Purity, Hope, Resurrection, Ascension, Creation, Sexual Powers

Call on Archangel Gabriel and Hope for your perfection so that you grow spiritually on the earth plane. Call on them for the Hope to rise above adversity. 

Imagine a dazzling white light ray pouring into and surrounding the area at the base of your spine. Ask God to call upon the fourth white ray and the loving energy of Archangels Gabriel and Hope (Repeat these names nine times as if you are calling them).

Thank you for the inspirational energy of God representing purity, resurrection and ascension, creativity and sexual powers–especially in my music, art, writing, and spiritual leadership. Magnify the qualities of wholeness and purity within me, as well as my soul’s desire to re-unite with God. Give me the sense to strive for perfection. May I be inspired with the desire to know and be closer to God through the purity of my body, mind and spirit. Create in my memory, God’s unique and perfect blueprint that is already within me. Plant the idea of this “immaculate concept” , the perfect vision of myself into my subconscious mind. Help me to hold this concept of myself as God created me so that I may realize my full potential today and everyday. Teach me how to develop and create this concept of perfection for myself as well as for the earth. Assist me in the ascension of my soul which longs be in communion with God. Help me hear the messages you are sending. Stir in me the sacred fire of God’s creative energies. Intensify in me at all times the feeling of hope. Help me to remember this power of Hope should I be tempted to wallow in despair, frustration and inactivity. May I better understand the possibilities awaiting.


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