The New Healing Paradigm

The New Healing Paradigm
by Warren King L.Ac.


This ancient saying in Chinese Medicine says that we must treat the cause (the root) and the symptoms (the leaves) will resolve themselves. If the warning signs are not heeded, but suppressed, then one day those annoying symptoms may resurface, but this time as more serious illness.

Many of the symptoms that we experience are in reality the body’s attempt to keep us balanced, and communicate to us that something needs to be corrected. They are like a smoke alarm, warning of a fire smoldering in the basement. Suppressing symptoms is like rolling out of bed, half asleep and cutting the wires to the alarm, instead of rousing ourselves, going downstairs, and extinguishing the cause.

Our bodies have an incredible intelligence with which to keep us healthy. When the life force is allowed to flow without impediment, vibrant health is in evidence. Oriental medicine and true natural healing use many methods to identify and remove the blockages to the body healing itself, supplying all raw materials it needs to get the job done.

Warren King has developed an ability to communicate directly with the innate intelligence of the body, and to use that information to apply the appropriate techniques and remedies for balance and healing to occur. Symptoms are alleviated when the cause is corrected.

Most important of all, you are given the keys to your own health that you might be self-sufficient in the care of your body.


The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. When we get a cut or a cold we expect our body to recover, and it does. But sometimes our bodies become out of balance and produce various symptoms which don’t seem to go away on their own.

What Warren King is able to do, with his extensive training, intuition, and the ability to communicate with the body’s own intelligence, is to find out what is blocking the intelligence of the body from healing itself. The next step is to remove those blockages. Instead of suppressing symptoms, the root causes are discovered and addressed, often resulting in healing that many might consider miraculous. Often these causes lie not only in the physical body, but in the heart and mind and soul.


Warren has synthesized many modalities and tools into his holistic practice. His main specialty is called “Auricular Medicine”, healing by the way of the ear. It has been found that the body is based on a holographic system where the whole is reflected in each part. This information about the condition of the body may be discovered through the feet, hands, face, eyes and in this case, the ears.

Through changes in the pulse, and the electromagnetic field emitting from the ears, Warren can detect where the imbalances are in the brain and thus the entire body. Substances such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, nutrients and foods can be checked against these points to discover what balances out the distressed organ and gland. The point may then be treated with a laser, electric stimulation, or acupuncture to affect the desired organ, accelerating healing.


This process may seem strange and different to those who have never experienced anything like it, but the thousands of people who have benefited and who have built his entire word of mouth practice don’t have to wonder about it. They know that they feel better.


Warren specializes in the difficult to diagnose cases and helps those who have tried many methods to get better. It is no wonder that many healers come to Warren for their own health care needs.

When the real causes of health problems are addressed and the energy flow and circulation reestablished, many seemingly unrelated symptoms simply vanish. Common problems that he treats regularly are female hormone imbalances, digestive problems, weak immune systems, chronic pain, headaches, skin disorders, attention deficit disorders, insomnia, depression, fatigue, allergies, and weight loss, from the newborn to the elderly. Anyone can benefit from these non-invasive treatments and lifestyle suggestions.

As the new century and millennium dawns, greater vistas in healing are opening to many. The physical, emotional, mental, and aspects of ourselves are all being seen as integral to our wholeness. Finding the key to our health doesn’t have to be prodding in the dark, chasing the shadows of shifting symptoms. Instead, it can be a clear upward path of clearing the root causes, and finding ourselves basking in the joyous health we all seek.


Since Warren’s basic philosophy is that it is the body’s intelligence that heals itself, he sees his job as eliminating what is blocking the healing process and teaching the patients to take care of their own health. Warren would like to see people heal as quickly as possible with minimum number of visits and lowest possible cost. The typical person sees major health changes by the second or third visit with an average of five weeks between visits. Food Becomes You Since the age of sixteen Warren has viewed diet as a key to health. After studying dozens of nutritional theories and experimentations with his own body, he has found that food requirements differ for everyone.

By testing dozens of foods on an individual, a custom diet can be generated for that particular person’s body and condition. Sometimes this alone can bring about profound healing. The result is often the elimination of the need for practically any supplements in the long run.

A paradigm is a way of seeing the world and reality, it tends to be taken for granted by everyone. The classic example is the shift in perspective when Copernicus and Galileo showed the earth to be revolving around the sun and not the earth being the center of the universe. As usual with paradigm shift the old consciousness did not adapt to the new thinking without a fight.

With the advent of Newtonian physics and the great influx of mechanical inventions, the body was likened to a machine. Even today medicine is largely based on the Newtonian idea of the body as machine, with discrete parts that can be taken out and replaced or fixed.

Pasteur brought the understanding of microscopic bugs being related to disease. So the main objective of medicine became detecting “bugs” and killing them (even though on his death bed he admitted it was the terrain that was more important). With the advance in understanding of quantum physics and Einstein’s relativity, our view of reality has undergone another major shift.

Electrons and not just billiard balls that are totally predictable, but electrons can be here, then there, without ever going in between. They can be a wave but at other times a particle. E=MC2, everything is light and energy. The clear border between matter and energy has dissolved. Even though the technology of medicine is utilizing these new ideas with lasers, CAT scans and MRI’s, the theory and practice is still working on fixing broken parts and killing bugs.


In the new paradigm the body is seen as having inherent intelligence, it knows exactly what it needs to heal itself. When you cut your finger, you don’t have to think of changing fibrin to fibrinogen and how many platelets you need, the body knows all that and heals. Sometimes there is a blockage that prevents the body from healing itself. When this happens, all we need to do is remove the blockages so the body can repair itself.

With the advances in research and understanding the functioning of the body, there is more details than one doctor can master, thus we have seen a great increase of specialization in medicine. This has led to a fragmented view of the body and health. In the holistic models everything in the body is connected, and not only the body but also the mind, emotions and spirit. Many of the myriad symptoms of ill health that a person presents is actually an attempt of the body to heal itself. If helped along, the body will dislodge the problem and heal, but if a symptom is suppressed, then the cause of the problem will be driven deeper and the body will attempt to eliminate it in some other way. This is very common with most skin problems. The skin is a secondary elimination organ. If the major elimination organs such as liver and kidneys are not working efficiently, the body intelligence with push the toxicity out the surface via the skin. If this discharge is suppressed with drugs or creams, the body will have to deposit the toxins even deeper in the body, usually resulting in more serious diseases. We need to treat the cause and not just the symptom.

Let us take the example of a house with a leaky roof. The symptoms that the inhabitant complains of is mold around the windows, carpet color leaching out, warped wood on the floor, ceiling paint peeling. Fancy names could be given to these symptoms like fungi sporositosis, carpet coloritis, wood subluxitis, ceiling psoriasis. Very impressive names and a specialist in these conditions could be called in for each symptom at great expense. Strong anti fungal chemical, toxic color fixing agent, sand and refinish floor, ceiling patch. After a few big rains, guess what, call back the specialists. In the new paradigm you fix the leaky roof, and find out why it leaked and address that. But of course the body is different from a house, the parts readily fix themselves once the cause is removed, if it is gently stimulated in that direction.

Could it be that the infections that have been found to cause so many diseases are themselves symptoms. We know that when a “cold” or “flu” is going around that not everyone gets it. This is due to the internal environment or the “terrain.” There must be a place that is conducive for them to grow. Imagine a crystal clear mountain stream of pure water and then see it get dammed up into a pond. Soon all sorts of algae and insect and odors would appear. In our bodies it is not just the flow of blood and lymph and oxygen that needs to be circulating but life force energy itself. And it is in the mind and emotions that often cause the stagnation of energy in the organs and glands and tissues. After stagnation, acidity and toxins build up. Nature has a system for clearing out this toxicity….bugs….parasites, fungi, yeast, virus and bacteria. I also used to focus on eliminating the bugs with natural agents such as herbs, but invariably they would return. Now I find that if you open up the organs of elimination, restore circulation of blood and lymph and life force, address the causes of stagnation and weakened immunity, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, while simultaneously eliminating the infections and toxins, it is astounding of what can be healed.

Research is showing that every thought and feeling becomes a chemical in our brain. The cells in our bodies have receptors to these chemicals and are thus listening to and outpicturing our thoughts and feelings. The mind and body are not separate but one interconnecting forcefield of intelligence working in many dimensions.

Of course the paradigm shift that is occuring on the planet goes beyond just health. If you see a child acting out, or being destructive, you can think what a terrible child, how can he be punished. But when you find out that he’s been severly abused, or his mother left him at an aunt’s house and never returned, you have compassion and love and a desire to help. If we are to enter an age of compassion, forgiveness and freedom we can see a lot of work ahead of us, but the signs of this shift are apparent everywhere. They can be seen in the growing awareness of our relationship with the environment, kindness to animals, the rise in popularity of holistic health. The whole world needs to undergo a rapid shift and we are subconsiously aware of what it will take. This is what I believe is causing many to sink into depression, and why prozac and zoloft have become the drug of choice for millions (with nicotine, sugar, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol still the used for spiritual numbing by billions). We are being asked to shift physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, individually and collectively. Never in history has change been so rapid and necessary. These are really exciting times, if you can hold a vision of what could come out on the other side of these changes.

We are spiritual beings temporarily in the realm of time, space and form. We are trying to outpicture the beauty and perfection of the realms of spirit in this dense plane of matter. Our spirit, mind and feelings must function through a physical body. Let us make this vessel a fit habitation for the will of the Spirit by cleansing it of all invading toxins and lifeforms, that it be a supple instrument to be used to outpicture all that we desire our unique mission and service. Then finally we will see the answer to the prayer of the ages, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.


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