Forever Hope – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.


No matter great the darkness
There always comes the Light
However far the distance
The shore will come in sight
Whatever past has happened
It need not come again
How many times I’ve fallen
And then my ways did mend
Oh blessed Hope my friend of old
You’ve never left me long
After every sorrow
There always comes a song
Just behind each winter
There’s every time a spring
After storm the rainbow
And then does nature sing
From each seed that dyeth
A flower new will grow
Tomorrow will be brighter
This very truth I know
Remember, give up never
Seek and always strive
There always be another chance
As long as you’re alive
If off the trail you’ve wandered
Go back and seek the way
If night, then stay and rest awhile
For soon it will be day
There is no need for great regret
For what is past is done
Following the darkest night
Always will rise the sun
There is a law of justice
You reap just what you sow
But she has a blessed sister
Opportunity as she’s known
So never mind the backward step
How many or how few
Just as long as for each one
That forward you take two


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