God in Nature – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.


O God in all of nature
How beautiful thou art
Perfect in every creature
As intended from the start

We as co-creators
Helped life to form and name
And came to Earth to aid her
To bring blessing was our aim

To be masters of our feeling
Our every deed and thought
These desires were appealing
Before in our own web we were caught

But slowly gave we power
Unto that which we helped create
And now we fear and cower
Before that which we ourselved did make

Our soul with outer cover
So we could better function here
A gift from Divine Mother
To live in these dense spheres

Yet still nature does obey us
But we forgot how to command
Now we rule unconscious
With no bridle in our hand

Hatred, fear and worry
Sadness, remorse and grief
We’ve stamped upon pure energy
And now we seek relief

For it goes beyond our forcefield
Meeting more like unto itself
With that power we always wield
Burdening fish and tree and elf

And when this energy in mass
Nature can no longer bear
Upon our heads it does come crash
“An act of God” we do declare

Forgive our wrong desires
That we never meant to be
Spurring flood, cyclone and fires
We wish all nature to be free

We take dominion over earth
This body that we wear
Sending thought that has some worth
For all life we would now care

Be it an elephant or ant
However great or small
Erase from us the words, I can’t
And through us please help all

Thank you God for living
In such beauty all around
All our errors now forgiving
That we might make you proud


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