Thank You Body – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.


I’m so grateful body mine
You know just what to do
Serving me at every time
Yourself you can renew
The cells, they talk together
Through hormones in the blood
Which is warm in any weather
Life essence through me flood
Never ceasing to amaze me
Even when I’m sick
I realize the necessity
Invaders from thee kick
When I get out of the way
You know just what to eat
When I rest and work and play
Then you feel complete
With what wonder are you made
So many living layers
A bone, and muscle and skin braid
Through you I give my prayers
Dear organs, working day and night
What payment can I give
Your happiness is my delight
My life we two shall live
Liver, kidney, blessed heart
You all know what to do
Spleen and brain, oh every part
I really love you true
And when you’re feeling all at peace
All nurtured and well fed
Then from you I feel release
Yet ever with you wed
My body is the universe
A micro, macro game
I am thee, and the reverse
We’re two and yet the same
And so I bless you gracious steed
Long together may we serve
A wondrous being, from tiny seed
May you receive all you deserve


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