The Grace of Charity – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.

The Grace of Charity

In the center of the heart
There breathes a sacred flame
Wisdom, power, eternal Love
Compassion here doth reign
When adored and breathed upon
The Light of God is praised
And taken up into the sky
The soul stands forth amazed
To fall, to rise, and dance again
What else is there to do?
For life moves on eternally
Forever born anew
But when the form feels apart
And cares but for it’s self
Feeling not another’s pain
But how to get more wealth
All this is mine; I’ve earned it all
The ego does exult
Let others care for their own selves
Their problem, not my fault
The mind that spins a web of fear
Not anchored in pure trust
And puts it’s faith in what it sees
Yet knows not that all shall rust
Beyond the veil, the soul it knows
That when it shares it’s love
Relying not on earthly gifts
But sustained by grace above
All form must come unto an end
Yet while there’s life let’s live
The only things we’ll take beyond
Is what we here do give
Like blinders falling off the eyes
True vision does abound
Everywhere there can be seen
That suffering may be found
But what is there for us to do
The need it seems so great
So much time has flown by
So much needless fear and hate
No more time there is to waste
In condemning all the past
It led us here, where we must be
And here we are at last
Perhaps we have gone astray
Disobeyed the inner voice
Accepted we are sinners
Or we hadn’t any choice
And now that will, it knocks again
Dare we open up that door
Perhaps if yet ignored again
It will be silent as before
If I answer to the call
To do the higher will
How can I look into those eyes
That are burning in me still
Yet the anger is not apart
From what’s felt for the self
Yet from despair to ecstacy
I can still gain back my health

I can teach a child to read

I can teach a child to read
Or comfort an old man
I can clean a church latrine
With other helpers band
That child is a teacher now
The man thanked me in a dream
That church has given many hope 
My friends on me do lean
My life is very simple
My needs seem very few
And yet I’m always busy
Come help, there’s more to do.


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