Ultimate Compassion – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.

Ultimate Compassion

Of beings who have suffered
Over millions of earth years
There has been number
Who’ve overcome all fears
Though first as trial and error
Seeking pleasure, avoiding pain
They found a second nature
Where in everyone could gain
By disciplining body
Mind and feelings too
They found a self beyond them
Their own being that was true
Gradually they realized
That the God that was above
Also dwelt among them
In a heart aflame with Love
By purifying motive
And expanding soul desire
The found to serve that God in all
Became their calling, higher
The Self within that says I AM
Is the self of others too
If the same self lives in all
Then we indeed are one, not two
Gradually this Divine within
Was heard with clearer voice
Always do your best to serve
And soon there was no choice
As ages accumulated debts
Came due for recompense
Any problems that arose
Was justice, it was sensed
Either God allows it
Or makes it happen, dude
Surrender to the Will of God
Became their attitude
Seldom ever easy
Was their passage in the world
But as in the oyster of the deep
Their soul perfected as a pearl
Perfected by experience
They got to graduate
A final choice yet remained
Upon which to meditate
Enter oneness, eternal bliss
Become the all in All
Or stand upon this threshold
And hear the earnest call
At first a wimper, then a sob
And then a plaintive plea
They heard arise from friends and foes
Won’t you help us to be Free?
Renouncing their true home of Light
And their well deserved release
They bound themselves, by love refined
To souls who knew not peace
No greater love is there known
Than laying down one’s life
Then raise it up and dedicate it
To liberating all from strife
Call them Ascended Masters
Or holy saints all dressed in white
A rose by any other name
Will still emit the same delight
Though in a heaven far above
Seldom do they rest
Responding to each request of love
From north, south and east and west
With no confines of mortal body
Such as the type we wear
They send their thought and energy
When needed everywhere
Yet must they the law of God obey
The free will placed in all
They will answer all true prayer
From those who make the call
Never mind yet if you sense them
Have faith that they are there
Just follow where they lead you
As they woo with tender care
The harvest has never been so white
And the laborers yet are few
Won’t you give your life to God
That earth might be renewed
Grab those mighty hands of light
Of those who’ve overcome
Join their bands of pure delight
Where victory is always won
All for one, and one for all
Then beyond all time and space
We’ll rejoice when all are home
And know God, face to face


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