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I’m really excited about having my own blog for information related to health and my healing practice. As a licensed acupuncturist and natural healer, I run across good articles on the Internet about health and healing and have much experience based on my practice and interaction with my patients. Now I will have a way of sharing this information with a larger number of people. The word DOCTOR means to teach or educate.  I treat people and give them remedies to help the body heal itself, but what I really want to do is teach people how they can help themselves – not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually, too.

Everyone has a higher self. The answers that we seek are really within us. But we have put up blockage between us and our higher self. Often the physical body is to blame. When the glands, organs and other body parts are blocked, then our feelings of peace are not there and we can’t tune in to our inner wisdom. Many times it is in the feelings that we have the problem; we have emotions that are fighting with each other. There is no sense in changing outer things or relationships until we find out how to resolve these issues. Many times the mind has collected so many thoughts and concepts that are out of synch with what we know to be the truth deep within. These conflicts rage in the subconscious and often affect parts of the body where they have a relationship.

So I look forward to sharing with you my discoveries about health, happiness and fulfillment. I’ll share an example of something I just learned this morning. A patient with brain fog and mental confusion was scared about getting a brain tumor because many people in her life are suddenly being diagnosed with brain tumors. So I tested what is causing these brain tumors and what could the average person do to avoid them.

What I came up with was that the tumors were coming from 3 major sources. Red meat (which often shows up for most people to mostly avoid), artificial sweeteners (there are many articles on the Internet linking Nutrisweet to neurological problems. You can’t even find chewing gum with real sugar any more, it is all artificial sweeteners. The third thing was heavy metal toxicity; the main source being mercury poisoning from the silver-colored fillings in the teeth (which are over 50% mercury).

So besides homeopathic remedies and detoxification supplements, there are certain foods that will protect one from getting these tumors. Eating seaweed 3x a week, eating asparagus 6x a month, having 2 cups of green tea a day, having ginger tea once a day, having miso soup 3x a week and having organic northern fruits 5x a week, especially apples, pears and berries, are specific foods that I tested that will help prevent this type of problem, and probably help avoid cancer in general. Vitamin D is also something that is showing up for a lot of people to avoid cancer, usually between 2000 and 5000 iu a day, depending on the amount of sunlight people are getting.

But, it probably all really boils down to: Is the soul doing what it is passionate about? Is there some talent that needs to be developed that you can be excited about, and is there a way that this talent can be used to benefit other parts of life? May you find your own path that leads you to your heart and good health.


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