Eat Like a King (a Warren King that is)



Breakfast: 2 eggs whipped in a bowl with umeboshi plum vinegar, fried on pan with olive oil spray with 3 thin slices of goat cheese and 2 Tbs of fermented vegetables (sauerkraut)

 Lunch: Whole grain bread with hummus, cucumber, lettuce and turkey slices

 Dinner: corn on the cob, boiled broccoli. Stir fried red onion, yellow zucchini with canned azuki beans with tamari, brown rice vinegar with fresh parsley and parsley and a handful of cashews.



 Breakfast: Trader Joe’s gluten free pancakes made with add eggs, olive oil and rice milk, served with real maple syrup

 Lunch: Wild salmon salad: can of salmon with lemon juice, basil, chives, scallions, baby letuce mix, celery and cucumber on rye crackers. Kale, broccoli and string beans.

 Dinner: Asian Restaurant (Wasabi)

Pad Thai rice noodles with chicken and shrimp. Salad. Miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed.

(note, felt tired after eating this meal)



 Breakfast: Cracked brown rice cream cereal (cracked rice in blender) boiled in water, with homemade cashew milk (cashews, water and maple syrup in blender)

 Lunch: Whole grain bread with guacamole, lettuce, cucumber and pea sprouts.

 Dinner: vegetarian chili, salad with Braggs ginger sesame dressing, broccoli and chinese cabbage and some macaroni.



 Breakfast: 2 sunny side down eggs

 Lunch: spelt wrap with leftover azuki bean dish from Friday dinner. Miso soup with carrots, corn, celery, collard greans, made with barley miso and wakame.

 Dinner: Salad. Stir fry with chicken, chinse cabbage, carrots, parsley, basil, ginger and rice noodles with umeboshi plum and brown rice vinegars and tamari.



 Breakfast: Oatmeal with sunflower milk (sunflower seeds, water and agave nectar in blender) topped with Erewhon Crispy brown rice with berries.


Lunch: Coop Deli- vegan minnestrone soup with whitebeans and kale. Greek wrap with olives, veggies and feta cheese

(note, inner lower lips felt irritated afterwards, which is an intestinal symptom)

 Dinner: Amy’s breakfast burrito, pea sprouts and corn on the cob.



Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with umeboshi plum vinegar and black pepper

Lunch: spelt wrap with turkey slices, guacamole, pea sprouts, tomato and lettuce. A handful of almonds

Dinner: fresh wild alaskan salmon. Pressure cooked short grain brown rice. Salad with lettuce onion, scallion, lemon basil and parsley and cherry tomatoes with Braggs dressing. Boiled kale.



Breakfast: Barley flakes hot cereal with agave nectar and hempseed milk, blueberries and Crispy brown rice. White tea with peach.


Late Lunch (Early Dinner): Restaurant walnut veggie burger with cheese, corn chips and pickle.

(Note: got stomach ache after)

(Note to self, I feel badly only when I eat out, even healthy food)

The diet changes with the seasons. Nobody likes to spend a lot of time cooking in the hot weather, so most of this food was fairly instant. In the winter there will be more long cooking of soups and stews and baking.

I also ate probably 2 snacks a day, between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. They were mostly things, like a piece of fresh fruit, a handful of nuts or a natural (sugar free) bar.


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