My chronic itching cured

I am extremely pleased with the results of my visits with Warren.  I may not have worked with Warren had I not gone to numerous doctors prior to seeing him.  I hope that by sharing this testimonial, many of you will be spared the cost and time of all those other treatments and work directly with Warren.

My arms and legs started itching uncontrollably four years ago.  Rarely did I have an actual rash on my skin, so doctors had difficulty diagnosing the cause just by looking at my skin.  I bought numerous creams, anti-itch medications, and soaking solutions that had no impact.  I went to an internal medicine doctor who sent me to have allergy tests and when nothing showed up, I went on to a dermatologist and hematologist for a lot of blood work.  We were about to do a spinal when I was introduced to Warren at the Woman’s Expo in Minneapolis in January of this year.  At my first appointment with him, he told me I’d be healthy within 6 months of working with him.  Those words were music to my ears after 4 years of waking up during the night because I scratched my arm till it bled.

Warren told me the metal fillings in my teeth were poisoning my body with mercury toxins.  He gave me the names of dentists who dealt with this and gave me homeopathic remedies to help clear out the toxins.  He also taught me how most lotions, perfumes, etc. do more harm to the skin than anything beneficial.  It took four dental visits to get all the metal fillings replaced, but within two weeks after the final replacements, the itching has completely disappeared.  It has now been two months of itch-free living and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to benefit from Warren’s knowledge and skills.

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