Working With Warren Changed My Life

I had the privilege of being referred to Warren King through a friend, which it seems all great things happen that way!  She knew of the depression I had suffered for years having heard my stories of my past.    My father had been an alcoholic and had threatened the lives of our family.  My father took his own life when I was 9 years old.  There have been many memories of my childhood that haunted me and kept me from living and sometimes wanting to live.  I went to psychologists for years.  When it was  advised I was going to have to have to take anti-depressants, I took my friend’s advice and called Warren.

Warren has a “waiting list” of clients wanting to get in to be treated by him.  I called to make an appointment for my 40th birthday present to myself.  Fortunately, there was an opening for me and I got in within a week.  All my anxieties of seeing a “healing arts” practitioner were put to ease with his peaceful office and warm office staff.  At first, I came to see him every 2-3 months and for the last several years, I come every 6 months mainly because I want to come!

In describing Warren, there are no words to encompass all that he is.  He is amazingly skilled in all his areas of training but has great intuitive abilities that assist him in his work.  He heals the mind, body, and soul so that each Being can be whole with peace within themselves.  He offers workshops on nutrition and wellness, recommends great books, refers you (if need be) to other sources/people too if it would aide in your healing.  In all sincerity, if one of my own 3 children were dying, I would bring them to Warren’s King office before any place at all.  I trust and respect him more than any other doctor.

My next birthday I’ll be 48 and I couldn’t be happier.  I truly never thought I’d live past the age of my own father…..I have by 4+ years!  I live in the present now celebrating the beauty of life.  Fortunately, I have the job of being a 1st grade teacher where I can influence and teach children what I have learned through Warren.  I know that by taking the time, care and investment to heal myself and by being in a healthy, happy state, I am making the world a better place through the words I speak and the actions I take.  That gives me purpose and a reason for being!

There are no words to describe my gratitude for Warren’s office, his staff and the work he is doing.  I truly believe by his helping heal one person at a time, “Peace on Earth” is occurring.

Bless you on your journey of wellness.  With love, light and healing to you, Joni McBrien

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