• 3 cups short or medium grain brown rice
  • pinch of sea salt per cup of rice
  • 4.5 cups pure water per cup of rice

1. Place rice into non-aluminum pressure cooker.
2. Wash rice by covering with water and gently stir in one direction and “scour” with hand and pour off cloudy water using a strainer. Repeat process until water is fairly clear (usually 3-5 rinsings).
3. Add water or use finger method (see* below).
4. Place over medium flame until water begins to boil.
5. Add salt.
6. Place lid on pressure cooker.
7. Increase heat to medium high and bring up to full pressure.
8. Place flame deflector under pot.
9. Reduce flame to medium low and cook an additional 40-50 minutes.
10. Remove pot from stove and let sit for 10 minutes.
11. Release any remaining pressure by tilting pressure valve or running pot under cold water, remove lid.
12. Place in serving bowl and mix top and bottom rice with rice paddle, cover with bamboo mat until serving.
13. Serve with favorite condiment, such as gomashio, powdered shiso, sea weed sprinkle, etc.

*To measure rice using “finger method” rest the tip of your index finger on top of rice. The height of the water standing above the rice should fall approximately between the first and second joint of your finger. The general rule is 1.5 cups water for every cup of rice if under 4 cups of raw rice and 1.25 cups of water per cup of rice if over 4.


For breakfast cereal consistency, add 3-4 cups of water per cup of rice. Or just add water to leftover brown rice.

After measuring water, add 2 cups hard winter squash cut into 1″ pieces and continue as in basic recipe.

2 ears sweet corn
Husk corn, remove silk. Cut kernels from cob, using the back edge of the knife blade to remove the germ of the corn.
After measuring water, add cut corn and cobs to pressure cooker, use your hand to mix corn throughout rice and continue as in basic recipe.

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