I am a patient of Warren King.

 One Monday morning, I woke up with the flu plus a terrible cold (21st century multi-tasking?). I had chills, aches, a slight temperature, painful sore throat, painful headache, sneezing & blowing at least every 7 minutes.

 I was determined to build up my immune system by not taking antibiotics and getting well the homeopathic way.

 So I called Warren – I was too exhausted to barely get off the couch, let alone be clear-headed enough to drive 25 minutes to his office – I hope he forgives me for that – so he gave me a remedy (which he tested energetically) over the phone. I had to agree to eat no white sugar for 4 days while on the remedy. I was ready to do anything.

 I started to feel better with 24 hours. (I took 2 days off from work) My sore throat was going away. On the 2nd day I started feeling better and on the 3rd day I was practically well – with more energy than I have had in awhile and went back to work. I am continuing to feel better at the end of the 3rd day even though I am back at work!

 Praise God for Warren King!

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