Periodontal Disease

I just had another visit to my periodontist this week, and received the best rating yet on my teeth and gum pockets–all 2 and 3mm pockets, with just 3 4 mm pockets. And for more than 20 years, with 4 times-yearly visits, (ever since gum surgery) I always had several 5mm or deeper pockets, and the rest were 4mm and 3mm at the very best, and only a smattering of them.

┬áThen when I was seeing you about a year ago last fall, you prescribed a homeopathic remedy for one of my ailments. I remembered you said I couldn’t consume coffee or tea or chocolate while I was on the remedy. I read the label and instructions that first night and saw that it also said I should not consume anything with mint flavor in it. I thought: mint–my toothpaste has mint; I’d better switch to baking soda while I am on this remedy. So I did. I brushed my teeth twice a day with only baking soda and water. I got so used to it I just kept on doing it after I had finished with the homeopathic remedy. Then I went for my regular visit to my periodontist. Lo and behold–my gum pockets had shriveled! I had no 5 mm pockets at all, and some 4 1/2 mm pockets, but mostly 4’s and 3’s. My dentist asked me what I was doing differently. I thought a while and then realized: I stopped using toothpaste and use only baking soda. I told him. He cautioned me to make sure I kept using it with water to lessen its abrasive quality, but told me to keep on. Then I remembered that hydrogen peroxide kills anaerobic bacteria, which is what breeds in the gum pockets and keeps periodontal disease flaring up. It was obvious the baking soda was removing plaque far more effectively than toothpaste, and so I added 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash to my oral hygiene.

 Long story short, I am now seeing my periodontist for cleanings and checkups every 5 months, and hope to reduce that to six months next year. And, as I said, I had the best report ever from him this week. I know the old folk remedy for mouth care is baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, but I would never have believed it was truly so effective had I not begun to use it when your homeopathic remedy forbade the taste of mint in mouth. So I thank you very, very much, and if you ever have reason to counsel anyone on care for periodontal disease, please pass along my experience.


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