Facial Diagnosis

There are many ways to find out what is happening in the body and in the organs and one way is as plain as the nose on your face. There are many maps of the body reflected in individual part and one of those is the face. Different marks on the face, areas of discoloration, discharges, contracting and expansion of the skin all tell what is happening in the corresponding organ.

 Some of the main correspondences are as follows:

Kidney is under the eyes

Liver is between the eyes and eyebrows

Spleen is the temples and bridge of the nose

Heart is the tip of the nose

Sexual organs are the chin

Large intestines is the lower lip

Small intestines are inside of lips and corners of the mouth

Stomach is the upper lip

Lungs are the cheeks

So for example, white spots on the cheeks may denote an accumulation of dairy products and mucus building in the lungs which may indicate a cough is coming. Pimples on the chin may mean a build up of toxins and stagnation of energy in the sexual organs, a deep crease between the eyebrow may mean a tightness in the liver, large bags under the eyes may mean swollen kidneys.

Beside finding out someone’s health condition by looking at the face. You can also tell about their constitution, the strength or weakness of their genetic health by examining the face, which can also tell about the diet of the mother during pregnancy. A relatively larger head, close set eyes, larger ears, smaller mouth, squarer face denote a more yang or stronger constitution. A longer face, eyes set far apart, smaller ears, expanded mouth denote a more yin or weaker constitution.

Looking in the mirror may never be the same.

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