Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy about 200 years ago. Although a doctor, he had to stop becauce he felt that the medicine of his day was doing more harm than good. In those days malaria was treated with the bark of the chinchona tree. Hahnemann took the bark himself and it produced alternating fever and chills, a main symptom of malaria. So he found that a substance that produces a symptom in a healthy person, can be given to cure those same symptoms in a sick person. He developed a technique called succusion which is the systematic mixing through vigorous shaking. He also utilized potentization, where the more diluted a substance became, the stronger the remedy.

Homeopathy is very effective, sane and natural. The remedies work with the body and not against it, they are not addictive and address the cause and not the symptoms, meaning the symptoms will often not recur.

There are 3 main principles of homeopathy:

Like cures like. So if the symptoms of your cold are similar to the poisoning by mercury, then homeopathic mercury would be your remedy.

Minimal dose. Remedies are diluted and shaken many times making them extremely dilute. Even after there are no more physical molecules of the original substance, the remedy can even have more potency.

 The single remedy. No matter how many symptoms are experienced, when the one right remedy is found it can be aimed at all those symptoms.

As I use the practice of Auricular Medicine along with homeopathy I can tell if the remedy I have chosen is actually the right one. Instead of just giving a remedy and then wait and see if it works, I can take the pulse and have the person hold the remedy and I can immediately tell if it balance the ear acupoints corresponding to a particular organ. If for example the liver inflammation point shows up and I have the person hold homeopathic nux vomica, if the point is balanced, I know that is the right remedy. I can also test what is the right strength or potency for a particular person and how often the remedy should be repeated. Some remedies I give the person under their tongue in the office, just one time.

Homeopathy is amazing because if doesn’t only work on physical issues, but emotional and mental patterns as well.

Instead of just working with single homeopathic remedies alone, I also work with what is called complex homeopathy. There are remedies made up of a number of single remedies that work together to address a particular problem. There is a style of homeopathy I practice called drainage homeopathy. This involves using remedies with ingredients that functions to open the organs of elimination. By opening the exits you can minimize the healing reactions that can occur when toxins are stirred up in the system. Many of the complex remedies I use have very diluted metals, like copper, silver and gold, that can get inside the cells and cause them to eliminate intracellular toxins. In this way even diseases thought to be incurable or autoimmune diseases can be cured.

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