Laser Acupuncture

A laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is an amplifier of light.

Russian researchers at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine have shown that light applied to the human skin penetrates the body between 2 and 30 mm, depending on the color frequency. The researchers also found that only certain areas of the body were able to transfer light beneath the surface, and these areas corresponded to acupuncture points. Furthermore, the light was conducted within the body along the acupuncture meridians. It appears that the meridians are a light transferral system within the body somewhat like optical fiber.

Overall Effect
Low-level laser photic energy shortens the inflammatory phase, accelerating the repair process, and remodeling after tissue injury. In addition, increased plasma concentrations of certain types of prostaglandins, enkephalins, and endorphins have all been identified and most likely play a major role in the mechanisms associated with pain attenuation

The following is a partial list of conditions that have shown promising results with laser acupuncture. Laser acupuncture is painless and may be offered to patients with needlephobia and to children.

Acute/chronic pain

TMJ dysfunction


Cervical/Lumber spine syndromes



Allergic rhinitis/sinusitis


Frozen Shoulder

Phantom pain




Nerve regeneration

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Wound healing

I have been using lasers to treat people for many years. I use them to treat ear point as well as body points (and even some points off the body, in the energy field). I have some patients who are terrified of needles and find acupuncture with the laser just as effective. I never use needles on small children (and pets) and they respond very quickly to the laser.

The inventive design of the CEPES Laser combines both laser and magnetic field therapy in a single, compact instrument. The CEPES Laser gives the practitioner a powerful tool for treating specific acupuncture points and trigger points . The CEPES Laser generates a pulsing magnetic field in the EEG (Brainwave) range with harmonics up to the megahertz level, along with a 0.5 mW red “soft” laser. In combination, the magnetic field and the laser, acting in concert as carrier waves, create a synergistic treatment effect. The CEPES laser offers deep tissue penetration and maximized cellular healing with none of the side effects often associated with some high power lasers.

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