Spiritual Healing

Although I work a lot on helping people with their health issues, we are multi-dimensional beings and often the true healing lies in other, non physical planes. I majored in psychology in college, but the word psyche does not mean mind but soul. The soul is an eternal part of our being, it is wise, it is the part of us that is always evolving.

Sometimes this soul manifests in part in what is called the inner child. When we are traumatized as a child, part of our soul splinters off and maintains a subconscious identity that is stuck at a certain age. With homeopathic and flower remedies and talking we can access that inner child and help it to mature and grow beyond old stuck patterns.

Sometimes information comes up about soul experiences before one’s birth. These past experiences can explain much of why we have to suffer or work through certain issues. Forgiveness of the past is always a key in healing. Connecting to and being honest with feelings is also a key to health. Some people have a hard time feeling their emotions, for others it is harder to express them. These issues are often at the root cause of why people get sick or don’t get better.

I believe that teaching the soul faith in God is very important, this can cure the soul of fear. There are many non physical spiritual beings that are here to help us and when we call to them, help is there and miracles happen.

There are many spiritual tools that we can use to help us grow and to heal. There are important tools such as prayer, meditation, visualization, and affirmation. There are exercises such as yoga, tai chi and qi gong that can help us become more spiritually aware. We are all eternal spiritual beings having a brief physical experience. It is important to carve out time in our schedules to put into spiritual work and a spiritual path.

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