WATER (The 5 elements)

After such hard work, enjoy a shower

Though I am soft, I have no less power

My drops, through eons erode any rock

My nebulous vapor can rust any lock

I seek all places deep and low

I run not or jump, I relax and flow

I am the moist eyes of every daughter

To life I am mother, they know me as water

Lakes and oceans, rainstorm and dew

After the drought, all life I renew

Steam me, I’ll condense, freeze me, I’ll melt

I’m the flow of emotion, can’t be known, just felt

I clean out all toxins, remove all debris

No one can live a moment without me

Hear me in song in the cry of the loon

Poets depict me in the face of the moon

Restrict my expression and soon you’ll be old

Life is for living, water you can’t hold

I love to dance in fountain and spring

In each beating heart, in each cell do I sing

My essence can fill the deepest hole

Feel now my presence thou precious soul

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