New Paradigm in Healing Newsletter – Summer 2011

New Paradigm in Healing Newsletter – Summer 2011

Introducing Warren King
(The Organ Whisperer)

For years patients have been confounded as to how to explain to friends and family what it is I do. “Well he kind of waves something near my head and knows everything that is going on inside me.”

So I have recorded a 10 minute audio explaining my background, training and approach to healing. It is now posted on the homepage of my website, as well as on a CD that you can pass along to others.

So now you can direct people to so they can find out what I do. And for those who are not as technologically advanced or less prone to log on to the website, we can get you a CD that they can listen to at their leisure.

You can just call the office at 952-930-3575, and let us know how many copies you would like.

Newsletter Articles:

  • Announcing the New Online Bookstore
  • Video Testimonials
  • Amazing Musical Instrument Video
  • Breatharian Video
  • New Line of supplements from Pure Encapsulations
  • Eat Well Card

New Online Bookstore

You can now purchase recommended books, films, cookbooks and cooking equipment, music and other products to help your healing journey on my website’s PRODUCTS page.

Video Testimonials

I have uploaded to my website a page with video testimonials from my patients. If you would like to refer new patients to me, you can email your friends a link to my testimonials page. If you would like to be videotaped giving a patient testimonial, please call my office at 952-930-3575.

Amazing Musical Instrument Video

This incredibly creative musical instrument was made for a Japanese advertisement for a wooden cell phone. Enjoy!

Breatharian Video

This is an amazing video of a man who is living from air alone. Scientists are studying him and amazed at his health despite no food or water intake. This could be the solution to world hunger; except for everyone would have to become a yogi. Someday.

Eat Well Card

The next time you are trying to remember which foods need to be organic to avoid high pesticide levels, you can consult your Eat Well Card.

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