Warren to talk in Eagan on July 12th

Warren willl be giving a talk at the LIfe Lines meeting, Tuesday July 12th

at the Eagan Community Center at 7:30-9:00 pm. The address is 1501 Central Pkwy

Eagan, MN 55121


It has been 12 years already since Warren King last spoke to us. He wants to share what he has learned since then with us. Warren has had a lot of experience and has treated 7000 patients since he became a licensed acupuncturist 20 years ago. In his busy practice Warren specializes in technique called Auricular Medicine, where a map on the ear is used to find out what is happening in the whole body. He also uses a system of homeopathy, called “drainage homeopathy” which has to do with the opening of the elimination organs for detoxification.


Although he works a lot with nutrition and diet, he has found that in order to have deep healing you often have to work beyond just the physical level. He has developed his intuition to the extent where his sessions involve having a type of conversation with the intelligence of the body. Thus he will share with us new ideas about how emotional, mental and spiritual healing can work deeper on the root causes of issues.


Warren loves to raise his organic garden and make his own fermented vegetables. He is an avid reader of spiritual books. He loves to study astronomy to get a balanced perspective of our life on earth. He always feels healthier when he practices qi gong. Going to work everyday is a great joy, every session is like an energetic detective story.


Check out more about Warren King at and you can also sign up for his newsletter.




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