Acupuncture for the New Age

Acupuncture is all about getting the qi or life force energy to flow smoothly through the meridians and organs. Inserting acupuncture needles can be very effective at regaining this flow, but in order to make sure the flow is sustained we must work at the root causes of the qi blockages.

Sometimes the energy is off due to a wrong diet and I work with discovering if there are food allergies or sensitivities that keep blocking the system and and what is the right diet for the individual. If there are organisms such as yeast, viruses, bacteria and parasites, these should be removed or else progress will be temporary.

Emotions and painful memories can get stuck in the unconscious which effect the meridians and organs and should be dealt with. Sometimes homeopathy and flower essences can be more powerful than just acupuncture and herbs alone. There are cases where people need a therapist to speak with when emotions come up. I do find that the organ and emotion correspondences from Chinese medicine are really accurate. Heart is sadness, lungs are grief, spleen is over thinking and worry, kidney is fear and liver is anger.

Finding a toxic focus can be important, otherwise you are just treating symptoms. Sometimes the mercury fillings are a powerful toxin that must be removed from the teeth, and occasionally an infected root canal can be the problem. Other toxins I find in people are things like pesticides, artificial sweeteners, and poisons in tap water like fluoride. Lately I’m finding that many people are sensitive to electromagnetic fields and Wifi and cell phones, which can disrupt the meridians. These are disturbances that an ancient science like Chinese medicine would not have known about.

When the meridians need to be balanced there are many ways to stimulate the points besides needles. Some of the methods I employ are lasers, microcurrents, electric stimulation, gem stones, tuning forks, acupressure, heating with moxabustion, infrared heat, magnets, essential oils, gold needles and emitting qi from the fingers into the points. I find that children have such sensitive and responsive systems that they practically never need to be needled.

I think that exercise is very important for moving the qi and blood. It is best to have a balance of Western aerobic training and weights with Eastern exercise of yoga, tai chi and qi gong along with breathing exercises.

Although every case is not quite as instantaneous and dramatic, here is what one of my patients had to say of her experience:

“Acupuncture saved me from knee replacement! It has been three years and my knee is flexible and strong. Warren is a gifted healer. Over the ten years I have been seeing him, this is just one of the major differences he has affected in my health.” –KJC


Warren King has been a Licensed Acupuncturist for over 20 years and has seen over 7500 patients. He specializes in a type of acupuncture called Auricular Medicine where the diagnosis is done by taking the pulse and finding active points on the ear. From there he can find out which organs are out of balance and what will bring them back into balance. You can find out more at or call 952-930-3575.


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