The New Age of Aquarius

You have heard of term New Age or Golden Age or Age of Aquarius. You may be wondering what this is all about.

There is something in astrology called the precession of the equinoxes, where the earth’s pole is pointing in space and and as the earth wobbles on its axis,  it slowly goes backwards and the sun has the backdrop of a new sign approximately every 2000 years and comes back to the same place every 24,000 years or so.
So 4000 BC to 2000 BC  we had the age of Taurus.  Taurus has to do with art and luxury which became more prominent at that time.
The age of Aires from 2000 BC to year zero, is a masculine, brawny sign, that was prevalent when the Greeks and Romans reigned.
We had the teaching of Moses There was more an eye for an eye kind of justice. There was more the idea of God as the law giver with many rules to follow
2000 years ago was Pisces and the coming of Jesus. The fish is the symbol of pisces and even people put a fish symbol on the back of their car if they are Christian. It rules the feet, so the washing of the feet was a symbol and humility. It has to do with the teaching of compassion and forgiveness.  Pisces is the sign known for universal love, compassion, self-sacrifice, altruism, creativity, intuition and deep spirituality. Pisces “carry” the cares of others and often have sore feet. Christ spoke of his role as servant to his flock, which is also a very Pisces notion. Pisces says, “I believe,” whereas Aquarius, the age we are in now, says, “Prove it to me scientifically.”
24,000 years ago, the last time we had aquarius was when Atlantis was in full swing with technology and crystals and flying ships. But they misused their technology, making servants through genetic engineering, and using their technology to make powerful weapons.
Now we are just transitioning to Aquarius. This energy has to do with frequencies and technology. Freedom is the key and has to do with the soul chakra. This energy started coming into the earth more strongly in the 1960’s, remember the play Hair and the song “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius” Because it stimulates the second chakra, we had the  sexual revolution. It has to do with community and equality. So we see women’s rights and equality and sexual experimentation.
Unlike Pisces, a sign that works one-on-one, Aquarius likes to work in large groups, and is altruistic and democratic in spirit. Aquarius is “one for all and all for one,” rather than elitist. Even business  is not so top down as it was, but  there is more focus groups, meetings and team work. Coops are a very aquarian concept where everyone is an owner and profit is not the main motive, but meaningful service. There is more of a quest for democracy in government. But Pisces does not want to leave peacefully, the big companies and autocrats don’t want to give up their wealth and power, but the internet is equalizing information and Uber and air b&b is giving ordinary people their own businesses apart from the big companies.  The scientific method is moving us beyond superstition.
 Aquarius has a strong need for independence and individualism, and while members of this sign can be somewhat idiosyncratic they are also very original and inventive. Aquarius is visionary and creative, but rebellious, too. Aquarius’ job is to challenge authority, tear down existing structures, and replace the outdated with something better. Thus, Aquarius can be capable of great extremes. This sign acts in rather sudden and unexpected ways, thanks to being ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprise.
Saint Germain is thought to be the Master or Avatar of this age. He is said to have embodied as Joseph the father of Jesus, as the Prophet Samuel, as Roger Bacon who started the scientific method, and Francis Bacon who actually wrote the Shakespeare plays and helped edit the King James version of the Bible, and ushered in the Renaissance in Europe. As the Comte de San Germain, or the wonderman of Europe, he impressed the royalty by staying youthful for a century and showed them miracles in the hope of winning their confidence and making a smooth transition to democracy. They did not heed his advice and the change came through the French Revolution instead. 
He has to do with freedom and was the impetus behind the founding of America as a nation of freedom. He teaches affirmations with the name I AM as a form of prayer and the use of the violet flame, which is tool to raise vibration and balance karma more quickly. The I Am Presence, or the God within is what is important, God is not seen as an old man in the clouds but the light within every heart.
Religions don’t have the pull or clout they once had. Many Churches are going out of business right now. Most of my patients self identify as being spiritual but not religious. Belief in a God out there is not seen as important as acting with integrity and being kind, compassionate and caring, which really means being divine in action.
New age teachings are now becoming more mainstream. Yoga, tai chi and qi gong are being made popular which helps you tune into inner peace and subtle frequencies.  Teachings like karma and reincarnation are becoming more accepted. Research into phenomena like near death experience shows us how it may be for us after we leave the form.  People are understanding how thought affects matter. There is an understanding how our energy, positive and negative, attracts experience, relationships and abundance into our world. More people are believing in the aura and chakras, and technology is being able to image this for us. Meditation and mindfulness are becoming commonplace and even being proven scientifically.
As this age dawns more completely here will be cooperation with spiritual beings such as saints, ascended masters, angels and nature spirits.  People with have the spiritual senses opened so they have greater intuition, spiritual visions, sensitivity to the holy spirit and nature.
Service and community are the keys to this age. It is interesting that in the last few months, on practically everyone I consult with, it shows the need to volunteer and give of one’s time and money to those who may be suffering or in lack.
Real spiritually become more commonplace where people feel they can contact the divine directly without an intermediary and that the same God can be contacted through any or even no religion.
It is like the earth is entering a new frequency pattern, this will cause many of the old structures to collapse, like the selfishness in the economy, the religions that taught one thing and did another, the medical mafia that poisons people while suppressing the new age healing methods, the polluters that shut down free energy, so they can keep their monopoly on energy. So don’t worry what you see on the news, there is a plan for world freedom, it can’t be avoided, those who try to remain in the old consciousness won’t be comfortable on the earth in the future. Perhaps they may be taken elsewhere if they still want war and ego and control.
Prophesiers such as Edgar Cayce called for a “gradual change” starting in 1998 between the Piscean Age and the Age of Aquarius. He didn’t call for a cataclysmic end. He also hinted that it’s up to us through our actions and choices as to how much pain this change will bring. The intensity and end result of the cycle changes depends on how we handle challenges in our lives RIGHT NOW!
He said “It may depend upon much that deals with the metaphysical…There are those conditions that in the activity of individuals, in line of thought and endeavor, keep oft many a city and many land intact through their application of spiritual laws.”
Let us apply the metaphysical laws of the universe, such as prayer, meditation and affirmation and birth this age together by being kind and loving and truly spiritual and export that consciousness and frequency to everyone and everything we encounter.
I’m hoping this online healing community plays a role of being an outpost of the Aquarian ideals and plays a role in bringing in this new age. So let’s all work together to this end.


  • Melissa V
    August 1, 2018 at 7:43 PM

    Lovely, thank you.