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It seems that the universe has a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. You don’t ask for guidance and help, then often you don’t receive answers. At work when I am starting to work with a  patient, if I just jump into the treatment, often I get conflicting information. But if I make a prayer and the patient makes a prayer then “boom” the answer comes immediately. Often within 5 seconds I get the answer to the health issue that has been missed by numerous other healers, sometimes after years of seeking resolution.

It is said in Indian texts that God is imponderably one and many. When we are in the mode that God is “out there” or “up there” then we need to draw down that energy and information from that level. So we pray or ask and then we receive. If God is omniscient or all knowing, omnipotent or all powerful and omnipresent or existing everywhere, then it seems that anything can come to pass when it is according to God’s will. We are no really asking for something from a source that is apart from us, we are part of and connected to that source.

Many times the Bible mentions truisms like “Ask and you shall receive” “Knock and it shall be opened.” “If you are hungry and ask for bread, do you think your Father in Heaven will give you a stone” It is also said “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” So we have to be ready for the answer to our prayers.

There is a hebrew prayer for the dead that I grew up hearing at most temple services growing up. I always thought that it must pray for the dead to be brought up to heaven or something. But when I looked at the translation, all it is is praising God. No mention of grief or death at all. So it is like being connected to a battery or power source, when we praise the Lord, we establish a current and connection and then the light flows and the prayers are answered. But always end with  “according to thy will O Lord. For there is a difference between our wants and our needs. You don’t always get what you want, but often what you need. Maybe you need a tough lesson on attachment, so the loss you are praying about may be the need and answer to your prayer.

And is the Ultimate God of the Universe the only one who give us the answers to our prayers and questions?  If you have a problem in your town, you don’t go to the president of the country, you can usually be helped by some local official. So there are enlightened masterful beings, who are step down transformers of God’s energy that run the spiritual hierarchy of this planet who can help you. Some are Elohim or creators of this particular planet or Archangels and the angels and guardian angels under them. There are many saints and Masters who have tremendous wisdom and energy that are able to assist us. But they are not the source of our power, they serve the God within us. But sometimes the gap between our outer self and our higher self is large and they help bridge the gap until we attain that inner connection.

It is also said,” Pray as if you have received it.” So instead of saying, God I need more money we affirm, “Lord, I do thank thee for the abundance that is mine” and to get it to register in your feelings you can repeat or sing it over again until you feel a rain of abundance flowing into your world. Lord, I do thank thee for the abundance that is mine. Lord, I do thank thee for the abundance that is mine. Lord, I do thank thee for the abundance that is mine.

There is much to be said about the I AM affirmations. Do you remember the burning bush and Moses says something like, I’d like to tell the people about you, but they will want to know your name. And he says “I AM That I AM” that is my name and a memorial to all generations. Interesting name, but it was thought to be too holy so they took the first letter of the Hebrew Ehyeh Asher Ehey which is YHVH and they added vowels to say Jehovah or Yahweh. Or in Hebrew they changed it to 2 little marks that says Adonai or Lord. But all that missed the point of I AM or self consciousness where I am is a replica of the great I AM or self consciousness of the universe.

So we say I AM the healing of this temple. I AM abundance flowing into my world. Jesus used these type of affirmations all the time, I Am the Way, I AM the Truth, I AM the Life. I AM the Resurrection and the Life.  So use those, say I Am the resurrection and the Life of my family. Or my health, or my finances. Now you are not praying to a God outside of you, but you are affirming that God in you is the creator of reality in your world. In the beginning God said, Let there be light and there was light. So give fiats like that.. I AM Light, I Am Light , I AM Light.

Now imagine you have a great sun or your God Self right above you, robed in rainbow glory. This life stream of energy is coming down the crystal cord into your heart to beat your individualized God flame, your true identity. Then the energy goes out into your world to create your reality. Well for decades and maybe centuries or millennia you have taken that pure energy of the source and stamped it with your thoughts and feelings of limitation, fear, doubt, worry, anger, etc.  So that is why affirmations and prayers are often repeated many times. Now your are requalifying all that energy with what you really do want, but it can take some time to break down all the accumulated debris of the ages that you have build around you in your emotional and mental bodies.

I remember going to a talk by Larry Dossey who quoted all the research showing how patients who were prayed for has statistically better outcome that those who were not. And if a drug were to get that much effect it would be the most powerful and best selling medicine out there. That is why I added a prayer section to my website so we can support each other in that powerful way. It was interesting that the mode or type of prayer didn’t matter in the outcome, it was just the effect of heartfelt prayer that made the difference.

I myself wouldn’t go a day without prayer and affirmations. When I begin the day that was, things go smoother, coincidences appear, timing is perfect. There is an old saying, prayer is talking to God, but insanity is when God talks to you. I don’t agree, I have found that with constancy in prayer, you do get answers from the spiritual planes that are  unmistakable.

And when your prayers keep getting answered, that is how faith is built. The stronger your faith, the more open to miracles you are. Soon amazing things become commonplace, but the feeling of awe doesn’t diminish but increases.

Prayer is the asking, but it is good to follow that up with meditation, which is the receiving. We may pray for money, and sometimes miracles happen and we are given an unexpected gift. But often the answer comes about what we can do or change in our lives or attitudes or work that will enable that abundance to come on this plane. As it is said “Be Still and know that I AM God.” Now that is the ultimate affirmation.


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