The Divine Mother

It is common for us in West to consider God to be Our Father in Heaven. Yet throughout the earth and throughout history, God is also depicted in its feminine aspect.Perhaps our identification with the Ultimate reality being masculine has affected how women have been treated in society for the last few thousand years.

The Divine Mother is a concept in yogic and Hindu philosophy that refers to the feminine aspect of the primal creator of the universe, or the spiritual spark of all life

The Divine Mother represents the true power of love, safety and transcendental consciousness. This is different from egoistic notions of power, which often involve dominance and control.

The Divine Mother of Sri Aurobindo’s teachings, a saint who spoke at length about the divine feminine, and in the Tantric tradition is considered to be the Supreme Intelligence that resides behind matter and beyond everything.
The Divine Mother is also associated with the Sanskrit term shakti, which is considered to be the active force and the power of the Divine, and it is regarded as a feminine principle. Shakti and, thus, the Divine Mother, are considered to be manifest in all things.
She mediates between the divinity of Nature and the individual human personality. She is the link between the creation of all in the universe and the magnificence of the Supreme.

It is said that the Divine Mother embodies deep love and kindness, but can also use divine violence to shake human beings awake or to destroy obstacles one creates to prevent oneself from leading a spiritual life. She is also considered to be the soul and inner beauty of all that is created.

In Hinduism the supreme name of the Mother as Adi Parashakti.
Formless and infinite she rises in creation taking many forms. She is Prakriti, mother nature, from her are born the divine energies which conduct the cosmic symphony of the gross and subtle worlds. As Lakshmi she is known as the giver of abundance and bestower of exaltation and delight. As Durga she destroys the spiritual demons that distract us from our true nature. As Sarasvati she bestows the gifts of pure knowledge and creative inspiration. She is Kali, the fire of creative energy which burns away the darkness of ignorance in the cosmic cycle of time. She is Parvati the power of divine love which overcome all obstacles and rights all wrongs.

Buddhist know her at Tara, the mother of liberation. Her crown adorned with infinite light, her eyes like an instant flash of lightning, extending a garland of light, she draws all beings unto herself. There are many Tara’s of different colors that have their own attributes. Yellow Tara embodies generosity and abundance. Red Tara is the magnetic energy of Divine Love. Blue Tara transmutes anger and fear. Green Tara is the wholeness of infinite silence.

In Buddhism and Taoism Kuan Yin is the embodiment of unconditional love. Her grace flows to all sentient beings in mercy and compassion. She is often symbolized riding a serpentine dragon, representing the kundalini, the power of the Mother energy within us. Sometimes she is shown having a thousand eyes and a thousand arms, meaning that she can see and reach everyone, everywhere.

In the Taosist writings of the Tao Te Ching it states: The Tao is called the Great Mother, empty yet inexhaustible, it gives birth to infinite worlds. When you recognize the children and find the Mother, you will be free of sorrow.

From Japan in the Shinto tradition the divine Mother is represented as Amaterasu, Goddess of the Universe, shining in the heavens.

Divine Mother was honored by the ancient Greeks as Gaia, the mother of time.

Divine Mother in ancient Egypt was honored as Isis, the universal mother, sovereign of all things spiritual

In the African tradition Divine Mother is spoken of as Yemaya, , mother of waters, goddess of dreams, she brought forth all life from her depths. All life is under her maternal protection.

In the Native American tradition she is depicted as white buffalo calf woman, the giver of spiritual gifts to uplift the people of earth.She assists the earth in its transformation.

In the Jewish inner tradition of Kaballah, she is Shekinah: bride of God and mother of all creation. Shekinah is the life energy that animates all layers of existence from the most material to the most spiritual. She is the holy spirit, the constant companion dwelling in the temple of the heart

In Christianity the essence of the Divine Feminine is through Mother Mary, who gives birth also to the Christ in you. Another interpretation of the Immaculate concept, is the Mother holds in her consciousness the conception of your pure perfection until you can make if manifest, on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus said, “I Am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.” So Omega can be another name of the Divine Mother at the heart of the universe in the Central Sun.

The Koran speaks of Allah’s beautiful names in its most feminine energy: The gentle, the all-embracing, the patient, the loving, the nurturer, the giver of life. Now tell me who does that remind you more of your Dad or your Mom?

Sufism is the inner mystical path of Islam. A sufi mystic wrote “Where is my life, where my body and where my willful soul. From her the truth of these shone out to me, secrets that had been hidden from me. Mine eyes have never seen but her, to what else can they testify?”

Divine Mother is coming out at this time in the history of our planet because Her qualities are so desperately needed here to unite the people, to unite Her children. The qualities of Mother God — love, nourishment, nurturing, compassion, creativity, the ability to unify — are emerging now as Divine Mother comes forth to embrace Her family and to bring us together again.

You know how in your life, the mother wants to be in contact and communication with her children. As it is with earthly mothers, so it is with the Mother of us all. Paramahansa Yogananda said “Pray to the Mother Divine, for Mother is closer than the father, and she will answer you with her lightning voice,”

If you have a good connection to your mother, or have mothered children yourself, you know how that is the most powerful bond of Love we know on earth.She gives birth to us in pain, as the example of self sacrifice to give life to another. Well imagine the feminine aspect of God loves you many times more than any earthly love. That is how close you can feel to the heart of the Divine Mother. How can there be a yang without a Yin? So instead always praying to God the Father, now you can send your praise, gratitude and thanksgiving to the Divine Mother, or if you want the true balance you can just speak to your Father/Mother God.


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