The Great I AM

When Moses saw the Angel of the Lord in the burning bush and was told he would liberate his people from the bondage of slavery, he had self doubt. He had some sort of speech impediment and thought nobody would believe let alone follow him. So he asked God a question, what is your name? So when they ask I can tell them who sent me.

The answer is perhaps the most profound statement of the entire Bible, but has been overlooked or suppressed. He said “I AM THAT I AM” tell them I AM hath sent you. That is my name and a memorial to all generations. Now how did something so vital and important get lost in translation. The name in Hebrew is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. And this name was so holy that it couldn’t be spoken, so they took the first letters of the name YHVH, and added some vowels and called it Jehovah, as if it were a name like Steven or Jonathan. Then they just started using the euphemism LORD to symbolize that Being.
But what does that original name mean. I AM. It is Being, Self Consciousness and Identity. But why use it twice. Maybe it connotes that the I AM in the Godhead is the same as the identity in the individual, in the created. So the self conscious awareness in God the same awareness in you! That is mind blowing, how could we miss something so fundamental and important. If you knew you were an incarnation of God, and not a glorified monkey, you would behave like God.
Saint Germain is a cosmic Master who released through his amanuensis in the 1930’s named Guy Ballard a teaching called the I AM Teaching and founded a group called the I AM Movement, at one time it has a million followers. He taught that all creation is through the spoken word. God said Let there be Light, and there was Light. He said that when we speak the name I AM we throttle the power of the Universe.
God also says in the book of Isaiah, Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me. So we command, as co- creators with God by using this sacred name, I AM.  Do you feel tired, you affirm I AM energized. Does the appearance world show lack, you decree I AM the full abundance of the Light. Is sickness rearing it’s ugly head, then pray out loud I AM Perfect health, the I AM of you can never be sick.
Jesus used these I AM affirmation all the time.  I AM the way, I AM the Truth, I AM the Life, I AM the Resurrection and the Life.  Was it the man Jesus, or the Lord, The I AM THAT I AM in him that did the works. He admitted “it is the Father in me that doeth the works. When Krishna said I AM the Ocean, I AM the Om, I AM the Light of Wisdom of the sages, then his devotees said he must be God.  Maybe all who realize the Self end up saying I AM God, and often they get crucified for it.
Saint Germain calls this illumined figure the I AM Presence. Everyone has an individualized God Self right above them and anchored in their physical heart as a flame in the heart chakra that is written with the flaming words I AM THAT I AM across it.
When you give all power, authority and glory to this God Presence, this I AM of you that is one with the creator of the universe, it starts to act and bring its perfection down to these mental, emotional and physical realms of being.
So ultimately doubting yourself is doubting God, because the true self, the I Am self identity in your core is divine, is God.
It is interesting that this Presence, is not only present in your life, is not only a gift, like a present,  but is the present moment. God is breathing life into your being now. You affirm your reality now. Not yesterday or tomorrow. You accept it deep into your feeling world in this moment and it manifests, and you keep that faith until it becomes your reality.
There is a biblical quote “Be still and know that I AM God” So still the human thinking mind that always dwells in the past or the imagined future. When you experience this God within you and within the moment, this Presence, then there is peace, joy and love. Who is it that is looking out through your eyes: I AM. Who is hearing through your ears: I AM. Who are you beyond the mind and it’s contents, ideas, beliefs and opinions and your story: I AM.
The other fact is that the same I AM in you, is the same I AM in everybody else. It is like we are all fingers on the same hand. No wonder we are taught to love our neighbor as ourself. To forgive our enemies. To turn the other cheek. To be the good Samaritan. We are the same self helping the self. God loving God. It says also Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain. Well now we know what that name is, never allow yourself to speak about yourself in any way less the what is ultimately real, and that name is I AM.

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