The Now

Do you realize there has every only been one time. The living Now. We had it when we were born. We were adored because people can sense a baby is totally present. When it laughs, it really laughs, when it cries, it is only there. Then we learned words and learned to label things. This became a substitute for the real thing. Instead of glorying in that huge rough brown presence with the swaying green mass of light. We mentally learn to just say, that is a tree, and then we pass it by, missing the immensity of the moment with that huge unique life form.

Soon we start living more and more in the future. It really can only exist in our mind, but we keep reaching forward to it, missing the now. This future has so many possibilities, and not all of them good, so we start living in anxiety. What if I don’t do good on my test, what if I’m not accepted to what I’ve applied for. What if, what if. We start projecting our past experiences into the imagined future.

Then we have pain that we don’t deal with and we don’t process. And that becomes our story. That become our past. We can’t change it, but we can regret what happened to us or wish we had made different decisions. This can make us feel depressed. We are carrying this load around us that is set in stone, it already happened, it can’t be altered.

So we walk around anxious and depressed. We miss the little flower on the bush we pass by. It is calling to us. Look at me, I am in this moment. The sun is in this moment. The clouds are just here waiting to be perceived in this one moment. Then when you look and rejoice in that flower or cloud, where is the terrible past, where is the fearsome future. It exists only in the mind.

Everyone loves their pets. They are just present. They are not thinking in words, they are just wanting to be with us right now. When a dog greets you, they express all their joy without reserve. But our egos are starting to rub off even on them and more animals are developing anxiety and other psychological issues.

Be empty of self, empty of thought, empty of desire and feel the peace of this moment. The ego is not real and will one day end, that is ultimate fear. But the wave and the ocean are one. Right now you are a wave, but you are connected to the bedrock of infinite consciousness, which is the ocean, which is God.

When you are just perception without an ego, and someone asks you who you are, there is only one answer. I AM. You know you have existence, but you aren’t that old story, you are not what you will achieve tomorrow. You are being. Thus you are eternal.

Start with the body of God, which is the physical world, Let go of thoughts and labels and just see, hear, feel, smell and taste what is here now. Eat a ripe pear with all your being. It is bliss, it is the universe perceiving itself as sweetness. Walk every step in that moment, not trying to rush to the next doing, enjoy the being of your feet touching the ground and the wind in your hair.

And an amazing thing starts to happen. One moment leads to the next moment and the next. You are not in the story anymore. But there is a bliss that starts to emerge, this bliss is the nature of the universe. Who can push your buttons anymore and cause you to feel pain. So what if someone tried to offend you, the ego is not home, there is no one to trigger anymore.

Often people start out with just observing the breath. It is like the waves of the ocean. Continually going in and out, naturally and by itself. But you can be present with anything, just let the labeling, word making mind have a rest. Sometimes the mind is a wonderful tool, when you need to make a plane reservation you think about what time and which flight, then you are done and you can be back again with the tree, with the sun.

You will live longer, because time slows down and everything is a manifestation of the glorious body of God. And when you are truly present with other people, then true intimacy occurs. You are not thinking about what you want to say next, thus missing what your friend is trying to convey. A good therapist just nods and says I hear you, I understand, and the person figures out their own issues.

You are on the stage of life on this rocky and wet sphere for a century max. It is a precious experience, but only if you take the time to experience it, and that is in the moment, the only time there is. Be here now.

Try for just the next few moments, leaving the mind, it’s thoughts, it’s remembered past and it’s imagined future. You are breathing in and out. You are hearing my voice and any other noises. If a thought arises just say in your mind the word “Thinking” if it is about the future you can say “future” or if about the past say “past” After a while you may notice more space between your thoughts, more emptiness, more I AM ness. Keep relaxing into this.(pause 30 seconds)

Don’t fight the thoughts that try to come, like a commercial jingle you’d rather not have in your mind. Let them float away and come back to the breath and the moment. You may not master this all at once, but you have every moment of your life to practice, the Now is always there, when you are Present in the Now you are an enlightened being, but only for that moment. Take some time daily to just be aware in the now.

Peace be with you.

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