Our 3 Higher Bodies

We have spoken about the 4 lower bodies corresponding to the 4 elements: the etheric body being fire, the mental being air, the emotional or astral as water and the physical corresponding to the earth.

Now lets talk about the 3 higher spiritual bodies, the most exalted parts of ourselves. You see our spirit is like a rainbow and inhabits each of these 7 bodies simulaneously. When we leave the earth body, the physical, then gradually our astral and mental dissolve and we are awake once again just in the higher bodies until we project downwards for another life, unless we are evolved enough to graduate the need for lower bodies, and just partake of the bliss of the higher vehicles

There is what has been called the Higher Mental Body or also termed the Holy Christ Self. This portion of ourselves has been called the mediator, because it knows the perfection of our highest God self level and also the lower parts of us, wandering in darkness and illusion. So it mediates between perfection and imperfection. Jesus fully incarnated this higher Christ Self into his lower bodies and personality, thus he was termed Jesus the Christ. He said “Greater works will you do because I go unto my Father.” So we have not only the momentum of our Christ Self but also his as well as well as other God free beings who have graduated the 4 lower bodies and function at this Christ level.

So this is a misunderstanding of Chrisianity. When it speaks of the only begotten of the Father, it is not just a man that lived 2000 years ago, but the Christ Consciousness that emmanates from the God Self and this is the consciousness of the Christ Self. People often see their Christ self and mistake if for Jesus, because they are basically the same awareness. There are many liberated being who incarnate this consciousness and yet maintain an identity so they can work as compassionate hands and feet of God to help in the elevation and salvation of souls stuck in the lower levels, They can appear in the higher etheric levels to souls on earth either while sleeping or between lives. They are not cookie cutter beings. They have a unique personality, vibration, identity and even can project the form of a body so that people of earth can understand and identify with them.

There is what is termed the crystal cord, like an umbilical cord of energy connecting from the heart of the Christ Self to the heart of the individual in incarnation, feeding it life force energy. This crystal cord used to be a few feet in diameter early on in the evolution on this planet, thus people lived hundred of years and wielded tremendous power, thus the references to Methuselah living 800 years. After misuse of energy, people started making too much karma, so it was reduced to a slender cord, so people were reduced to three score and 10 years and much less life force, so as to not be able to do much evil.

It is said that at the end of this cord, anchored in the heart is a flame, a three fold flame, with a white sphere on the base with three plumes of blue, yellow and pink or father, son and holy spirit anchored in the sphere of the mother. In India they call it Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. This is also called the Holy Christ Flame. In Jesus it was a big as his body, but in the average individual it has been reduced to one-sixteenth on an inch in height. Just by balancing these plumes of Power, Wisdom and Love brings an incredible acceleration of enlightenment and power.

Above the Higher Mental Body is the God Self, the Father, the Great I AM or I AM Presence. This is the replica and individualization of the great One God, the Great Central Sun of the Universe, The Being of All Being. It is fully enlightened consciousness that only knows perfection, because that is all that is truly real. When a soul in the lower bodies gives all power and authority to this God Self to act unimpeded in its world and affairs, then a transformation occurs and acceleration and perfection starts to occur even in the lower self. But all the unconscious darkness must come up for transmutation and the false ego and not self must be surrendered, which can be an uncomfortable process.

Around this brilliant white fire center of the I Am Presence is a rainbow sphere called the Causal Body. It is seven concentric rainbow spheres, each color with its own frequency and quality. At first when an individual is created these rings are clear. As the soul starts to qualify the life force that descends from the Presence, it colors the energy. So all positively qualified energy ascend to the Causal body. All good works, thoughts, feelings, deeds create what is referred to in the Bible as “your treasure stored in heaven.” These rings correspond to our 7 chakras. So the white sphere represents purity, the yellow wisdom, the pink love, the violet forgiveness, the purple and gold peace, the green healing and truth and the blue protection and will. So those on earth who seem to have little but give of what little they have may have a huge billionaire causal body, but the international banker who has riches on earth and shares nothing, may be a pauper in the causal level.

When you balance at least 50% of your karma and your three fold flame is balanced and expanded, your soul can go through the ritual of the Ascension, where you unite with your I AM Presence and wear the glorious robes of your causal body (whose gifts are symbolized in the colored ornaments on the Christmas Tree) and you may still project down a Christ Self to minister to those still lost in the dreamworld of time and space.

So no matter how painful and difficult is seems down here, always remember that part of you is always perfect and one with God and the spiritual path is all about uniting with and being the instrument of these higher bodies. You are just at the lowest polarity of this 7 bodied being right now on the earth plane and the 4 lower bodies but you always have access to the source and joy of your 3 higher bodies, please try to connect with that aspect of yourself daily, if not moment by moment.


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