Fractals & Holograms

When I was at Cornell, in the hallway of the science building there was a red telephone floating in space in a tiny exhibit. There was a laser shining through a film and the telephone image was the resulting hologram. I knew there was something deep, mysterious and important about this illusion.

A hologram is a two dimension pattern of information that looks choatic and random. But when a light is shone on the two dimensional film, a 3D image appears to be floating in space. An amazing thing about the holographic film, is that you can cut it in pieces, and shine a light on each individual section and the same exact original image with still appear, just smaller in size.

Some pretty advanced physicists are coming to the conclusion that the universe is a hologram. They have calculated that the surface of a black hole, or event horizon is a hologram and has all the information of everything that has gone into the black hole.

So reality is like a hologram made up of minuscule pixels of potentiality that exists everywhere. Some say these pixels are said to be the size of a Plank unit which is 10 to the minus 20 times smaller than the diameter of a proton. That is incredibly tiny. But instead of shining a laser light onto a film, our thoughts and feelings project out into the universe and the hologram solidifies into seeming reality.

We are constantly projecting this dream hologram outward to create our world.And all the individuals on the planet are projecting their reality onto the world. So if half the people are opposed to the other half (think republicans and democrats or capitalists versus communists) then the world registers this energy, thus we see this in the reflection of natural disasters and the dying off of nature. But in the same way if we come into love and harmony, then the hologram can change and life can indeed be renewed again. But not only the outer world is changed but the inner world. If you are angry or disturbed and walk into a temple of hundreds of meditators, then you will find your own mind become more relaxed and peaceful.

Fractals are the repeating of patterns from the subatomic level, to galactic and also function at our level of personhood. One of the main aphorisms in the mystery teachings is the statement “ As Above, so Below” I just learned that the number of atoms in a cell is the same number as the number of cells in our body. There are about the same number of neurons in our brain as their are starts in the Milky Way galaxy. Things are repeated at each level of scale. We learned in chemistry that the electrons around the nucleus of an atom was similar to planets going around the sun.

Mandelbrot sets are mathematical formulas that are depicted as patterns and when you zoom in on any area of the image you see the pattern of the whole reflected there and you can keep zooming in infinitely to see more details of the repeating shapes. Try googling “Mandelbrot set images” and you will find many amazing psychedelic videos of this mathematical fractal geometry.

One of my favorite teachers, Shunyamurti said “Since infinity has no limits, it can only know itself by projecting itself into an infinite fractal cosmos in which it is present at every point. But every point reflects back the one center.”

I have a book that has the microcosmic maps of the human body. How each part has a map of the whole.

There is hand and foot reflexology. For the foot, the body is laid out on the foot where the head is in the big toes, the spine along the inner edge of the foot, the liver on the right foot, the spleen on the left, all the organs are represented. When you press and massage the areas, it reflexes to the brain and to that corresponding organ. Often it is sore on the areas that need work and you can feel like crystals where there is calcification.

I specialized in the hologram of the body on the auricle or outside of the ear, called auricular medicine. The points were so precise for every body part. You could even map the active points with an electric detector that would beep over an area of low resistance or high conductance, indicating a need to be balanced. You could use a needle, a laser, electric stimulation, a crystal, a pointer or a bb on the points. Just by massaging the neck point for 10 painful seconds, I could make someones neck pain go away.

Then there is iridology, a map of the colored part of the eye or iris. Different marks, lines, and rings tell precisely the state and history of the corresponding organs. A darker ring around the outside of the iris or scurf ring means the skin is blocked. But if someone did sauna and skin brushing then the ring would disappear from the eye. There is even a map of what the red capillaries mean on the whites or sclera of the eye.

There are maps in the wrist pulse, so master Chinese healers can know about every organ of the body from 12 pulse points with dozens of subtle sensations like tight, slippery, wiry or deficient. They can even tell about the health of your ancestors.

There are maps of the body on the tongue, the knee caps, the face. There is a map on the brain the scientists know about called a homunculus. It is like a cartoon image where the finger tips and lips and tongue is huge due to so many nerve endings and the back is smaller due to less innervation.

You know how when you dream, everything seems very real and solid. You may have walls and furniture and people but what are they really made of? Mind stuff. In the same way, what seems very real to us in this world is actually like a waking dream, and is just precipitated mind stuff as well. It is just a very convincing hologram. When you are awake in a dream, you can change the rules, that is how awakened being can perform seeming miracles.

A hundred years ago Paramahnsa Yogananda described reality as a movie. The soul was the film and God was the light beam, and everything on the screen was an illusion and not ultimately real. Now we could say that God is the laser that activates the film or soul and creates a 3 Dimensional image in time and space that we call reality. Do you know that if all the empty space was removed from between the atoms and electrons of your body you would be smaller than a period. Thus the idea of your reality here as being a illusory hologram is quite apt.

It says in the Bible that we are made in the image of God. There is a great central sun of the universe, a oneness and a singularity that is the center of all that is. But as the dimensions unfold this central sun is replicated in every galaxy, star, planet, heart center of a person, cellular nucleus, proton and electron. In the center of every cell of your form is the pattern for the whole body. In the seed of every plant and tree is the code for the whole, even for the tallest redwood. How the one and center of all can be in every particle simultaneously is something our rational logical brain can not fathom. But it is something that can be directly experienced, in the Now, beyond time and space, beyond thought.

Thus God reveals himself in the Bible as the I AM THAT I AM. The self conscious awareness we have down here is one with the consciousness that is that is the center of all universes. So dive deep within the center of yourself and become one with the whole. Go into the center of the mind of the God of all, and find your true Self…the projector of the hologram that is the individual you.


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