“How do you know if it is a nutritional or emotional trauma problem?”

Hello Warren:

Hi Warren! When someone is representing symptoms of pain/disease/etc, how do you decipher between it being a nutrition imbalance or an emotion/trauma manifesting in the physical?

Very good question. I would rephrase it be how do you know if a problem is physical or non physical. I am contemplating working on my next online seminar on this very topic. If you have a balanced diet, exercise, sleep on time, limit stress and still feel off, and if you have seen at least two well qualified healers and don’t see a difference or only a little improvement, then the odds are the cause is not in the physical.

Emotional trauma can get lodged in the brain and the brain is connected to every part of the body, and reflect to other areas. There are also chakras or energy centers in the body where different stuck emotions can hinder the flow of Qi or Prana or life force energy, causing issues with corresponding organs.

I was using the QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy) to address the emotional trauma level in the brain, and I could test on people who would benefit from it. But even then, not all health issues are completely healed, which would indicate even deeper soul levels.

I feel the soul has experienced numerous lifetimes, often with many traumas. This can precipitate as health issues in this life as well. But often these complexes are recreated in our early life, such as what parents we choose, and how we are treated by our family.

If you read my book “Love Your Organs, Love Yourself” then you have a guide that can tell how to balance your diet to help your symptoms. It also indicates which emotions correspond to which organs and other body parts. My other book “The Soul’s Journey: A Prelife Adventure” deals with some of these ideas as well, but adds much more of the spiritual laws and how the soul chooses to have problems for its growth.


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