Natural Dentistry

More and more is being discovered how our dental health and oral hygiene affects our total health. When I first worked as a healer, I was in the same office as a natural dentist and we collaborated on treating the whole person.

Just like in medicine, there are mainstream doctors and there are naturally oriented ones. It is the same in dentistry where the natural dentist is often called a “biological dentist.” I have sent thousands of people to naturally oriented dentists as a key to their health.

Isn’t is strange how so often children need braces and don’t have room for their teeth? Has it always been that way. Well there was a dentist and deep thinker named Weston Price. He travelled the world almost a century ago and examined the diet and teeth of traditional people who ate a traditional diet, and his found no crowding of teeth and no tooth decay. He was sure it was because of the diets they ate and what the mothers ate during pregnancy.

It is true that brushing your teeth and flossing them will forestall tooth decay. But not all dentist are convinced that fluoride is actually safe or effective. If fluoride is useful in the prevention of cavities then it is only if applied topically to the teeth, but when consumed, it is actually quite dangerous. For one, fluoride can lead to dental fluorosis — disfiguring changes in the tooth enamel caused by fluoride consumption. Some 40 percent of adolescents are affected by some degree of dental fluorosis according to the CDC Skeletal fluorosis, wherein fluoride affects bone tissue, is another well-documented issue .A growing body of research also ties fluoride consumption to thyroid issues, IQ deficits and ADHD and other ills such as depression.

Many intelligent countries are opting out of water fluoridation which is mass medicating of the entire population against their will. But 70% of Americans are still being exposed. Children are already getting too much through brushing their teeth, it says on the labels of toothpaste use pea sized amount and call poison control if swallowed. Well most kids squeeze from half to a whole toothbrush head of paste and many swallow this neurotoxin. Avoid baby water available in stores, it is water with added fluoride. Biological dentists will clean your teeth without fluoride, or at least give you a choice and can offer many fluoride free toothpastes and mouthwashes.
Most of my patients show up needing to drink water that is purified to remove fluoride, like with reverse osmosis filtration or real spring water, or perhaps distilled. Most smaller filters do not remove these chemicals. Some say that it calcifies the pineal gland, which is our connection to the divine, and a calcified pineal is an open door to cancer.

Perhaps the most serious toxin I have seen in hundreds of people causing the most serious diseases is mercury. By far the most common source has been the so called “silver fillings” in the teeth, which may be silver in color but is 50% mercury. One of the purposes of the founding of the American Dental Association was the defense of using mercury, as it has long been known to be a potent neurotoxin. Even when sheep given mercury fillings had shown that their offspring had mercury in their brains and organs, they just commented, “Well, we don’t chew like sheep.”

I have seen videos of a nerve cell exposed to mercury and it just disintegrates. Every time you chew, or drink warm liquids a little mercury gas is released into your system and brain. This should be an illegal activity to put in anyones body or teeth. I have had to send so many people to go through expense and hassle of having to seen a natural dentist to safely remove their mercury amalgam fillings. I often first detoxify the body so the elimination is working well, because during removal there is a dump of mercury into the system. The dentist must not grind the filling but remove it by chunks and use a rubber dam to prevent swallowing, and have continuous suction. Somehow after it is removed it is considered hazardous waste, but a moment earlier in someones mouth it was considered modern dentistry. And the worst is that people who have little money and rely on the government for dental care often have not choice but mercury. Also to add a mercury filling, much of the good tooth must first be removed, thus weakening the teeth and making crowns or bridges more likely. Hurrah for repeat business!

I often give people some metal detox formulas to take right before and weeks after each dental visit to make the sure the mercury is being bound and eliminated. Often people can only do one quadrant at a time and must wait several weeks or more before visits. I would test everyone on what materials to replace the mercury with, often a white composite material, as well as anasethetics, glues, temporaries and more. Only experienced natural dentists know how to make sure the non metal materials will hold up over time.

Another issue that natural or biological dentist know about but not your average dentist is the danger of root canals. When the root of a tooth dies, something has to be done. If any other body part of ours dies, we have it removed, but in this case the dead tooth remains. Usually the root is removed and some material like gutta percha is inserted. The problem is that there is shrinkage of the material and a space remains which often get infected. This infected space in the bone, which is quite porous, is called a cavitation. Many believe these toxic bacteria can cause severe illnesses and auto immune disease. Some researchers gave a rabbit a root canal, and if that rabbit had rheumatoid arthritis, if that tooth was pulled and put under the skin of a second rabbit, that one would develop the same disease. Antibiotics are not useful, because there is no more blood flow to get it the the affected area to kill the bacteria. So often the tooth must be pulled and an implant made. The best is if it is ceramic and not metal. When the tooth is pulled it is important to use a burr and grind out the area where the infection was to get rid of the pocket of infection.

In general porcelain crowns are better than metal, because the metal ones often have nickel and other metals that causes inflammation and immune reaction in the body. Sometime gold is ok if it tests well, but of course it is not pure gold and has other metals. Bridges are sometimes used instead of implants, attaching to the teeth on either side, but this can weaken those teeth as well over time.

Natural dentist sometimes offer many other cutting edge treatments as well such as ozone treatments and laser therapy. They usually also will have a dental map that shows which acupuncture meridian goes through each tooth. The teeth are almost like circuit breakers in the energy system and often the related body parts find healing when the offending tooth on that channel is taken care of.

There is an ancient oral cleansing technique called oil pulling that I have seen pull out infection as well as odor from peoples mouth. You take a thick oil like coconut oil or olive oil and swish for at least 5 minutes, which is good to do after flossing. Then you take a glass of warm water with 1/2 tsp sea salt and 1/2 tsp baking soda and swish and spit repeatedly until the mouth is clean. Someone recently warned about spitting coconut oil in the sink as it could solidify in the pipes.

So now you know alot about natural dentistry, and there are many books on the subject. So I hope you will start going to a natural or biological dentist, even if it seems to cost more at the beginning. It seems that our entire health is intimately related to the health of the microcosm of our mouth.


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