Prosperity and Abundance

Prosperity is first and foremost a state of consciousness, you have to change failure and lack consciousness to success and abundance consciousness.

I grew up in one of the most abundant towns in the country. When I went to my school’s 30th anniversary I found it amazing how everyone was successful in their careers and had wealth, just like their parents. Even the school bully didn’t just work for the sanitation department, he was the head of it. These people were programmed for success by successful parents and community. I sent my own children to private schools where the students loved to excel and the teachers were excited to teach. But if we don’t have the karma luxury of being formed in that success energy, we have to change our subconscious minds.

Adopt a DEFINITE PURPOSE, and stand by that purpose until it had time to become an all-consuming obsession! It really helps to write down a mission statement, what are you here for, in 3 sentences or less. Then you put it where you can read it every day. This will help your subconscious mind crystalize around that central idea. The power of the subconscious is what molds our experience of reality. The conscious mind is really a very tiny part of our personal power.

You can program your subconscious with positive affirmations that you say aloud with complete faith. “I AM the abundance of the universe flowing through me.” “I AM attracting everything I need for my mission and my victory” “Lord I do thank thee for the abundance that is mine” Have a sense of calmness and serenity in your feelings. If you see fears and doubts arise then exclaim “Peace be still and know that I AM God.”

Instead of thinking only about salary, focus on what you can GIVE to a job. There is the statement “go the extra mile” and that there is not much traffic on the extra mile. When someone does more than is required and strives for excellence, others take notice and they will reward them with more opportunities. We should develop a love for service. It is said “the price of service is greater service” And do things that you love to do. I always said that I would do the work I do with my patients even if I didn’t get paid, I loved it that much. I enjoyed the weekdays as much as the weekends.

There is something called the “Mastermind alliance” When you have others with the same goal, there is a multiplication of power and a synergy where a higher mind comes into play. Plus you may have talents your partners don’t and vice versa so a greater power is at play. And do something or work for some company or cause you really believe in. You want to think that the world is being made a better place by your activity. Working in a job you hate or dislike is a soul draining situation, eventually you will burn out or get sick.

Don’t get beaten down by failures. It seems we are made to have some trial and error, and then we evolve to knowing what doesn’t work, so we can find what does work. Napoleon Hill in his timeless book Think and Grow Rich said “Every Failure brings with it the Seed of an Equivalent Success” He gives so many examples of this. Edison had to go through hundreds of trials to find how to keep a lightbulb burning, and he has lit up the whole world. Jim Carrey grew up extremely poor, he had to work 8 hours at a factory after school was out. Once his family lived in a camper for 8 months. He would drive in the hills near Hollywood and visualize his success and made out a check to himself for 10 million dollars for acting services rendered and dated it Thanksgiving 1995. Right before that he got a role in Dumb and Dumber and went on to great success.

This is similar to the idea of the vision board. You take images of what you want in your life and put them where you will see it daily, especially where your pray or meditate. Be specific with your images as they have an uncanny way of showing up. Add a check to yourself for how much you desire. I know one person that put a pink cadillac on their vision board. One day his friend had to leave the country and had to give away his car, when he showed him what it was, wow you can guess. Now there are more high tech forms like the Mind movies that Dr. Joe Dispenza recommends for his seminars, where you actually see yourself in that relationship, or on that beach or with that abundance. Then you meditate and go into higher brain wave states, and then reality conforms to your vision. It is just the law in action.

There is in the Bible a reference to Abraham paying tithes to Melchizadek when he had the spoils of war, he gave 10 percent to the temple. I have found that this tithe or giving 10 percent away really does work. And counter intuitively, when you have the most lack, that is when you give the tithe in full faith, it really does come back ten fold. Give to whatever or whoever you think is doing the most to serve God on this planet.

It says in the Bible as well “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Nowadays you can replace the word kingdom with consciousness. When you are in the knowing and feeling that God is the only presence acting in your world, right here, right now, that is the magical grail that is the open door to the source of all abundance. It is doubt and worry that troubles the waters of the mind, so that when the perfection of the higher levels seeks to precipitate down here it is dissipated and can be blocked from manifesting. The source of everything is within you, don’t doubt it for a second.

Although miracle of precipitation are possible. They are the exception. I have the most giving friend, she is so generous and self sacrificing. Her father died, and he had some wealth, but her step mother blocked her from receiving anything. She kept being generous and serviceful anyway, and just last week her uncle passed on and bequeathed her with a good deal of wealth that she was in no way expecting.

But for the majority of people, you have to have more than just faith and affirmation. You need a sound plan and a step by step approach to attracting wealth. There are so many good books and seminars on success by actual successful people and you should saturate yourself with that kind of practical knowledge.

With the rise of Amazon and large corporations like that, the middle man has been cut out, so fewer people can own their own brick and mortar shops as in the past. With the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics, many careers will soon be unnecessary for humans. So you have to find what computers and robots can’t do and become master of that. With the explosion of the internet and social media it is possible to reach people all around the world to be your customers and clients, where it used to be just people in your town. We can’t complain about these changes, but we have to adapt with the times. I won’t even go into the whole conspiracy of the banking system and corporate manipulation and the creation of inflation and everything else that is blocking abundance to the majority of people, because our inner Light is greater. Even during a recession or depression, some people always attract abundance. You can be one of those people, one with God is a majority.

I always say we have a 4 sided pyramid that is the base of our being and all these must be balanced for success. You must have the spiritual piece and faith and be one with the source, the mental clarity of thought and the ability to make decisions, the emotional love and peace and the physical health and strength. So never give up, keep striving, growing and learning, and share with me the stories of your success.


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