The Elementals

The subject of the elementals is dear to my heart. I have consciously worked with the beings of nature for many decades and have build up great friendships with these sweet serviceful beings.

Every traditional culture speaks of the spirits of nature, the little people, the gnomes, the elves, the menehune, the list goes on.
It seems though there is this impersonal nature that is growing and living around us, there seems to be conscious beings that direct the lifeforms and natural environment we inhabit.

There are four basic elements and each one has a corresponding type of elemental or nature spirit.

The ones mostly associated with the earth element are the gnomes. You have seen statues or images of them, it is fairly accurate. They have to do with rocks and crystals and the quality of the soil. Since they are spiritual creatures they can walk and exist inside what we would consider solid matter. Elves and fairies also help with the earth and the plant and animal life. In fact many pets, when they have a real distinct personality, are actually embodies elementals. Yesterday I was eating at an outdoor cafe and a large white bird that was perched on a woman’s should climbed over and wanted to spend time with me, which she said was rare. I felt that this was an embodied fairy and was asking my to clear it of negative energy which had accumulated around it, so I did some chanting and visualizing and it bonded with me for a half hour.

There are three books I have read on elementals that were really helpful to understand their life and evolution. One is “40 years with the Fairies” by Daphne Charters. She lived in England and had a large garden. She was able to telepathically communicate and see the fairies and knew over 40 of them by name. She described their homes and spiritual life and service. After I read that I started getting messages from my fairies, some outdoor and some indoor, and they told me their names. Another book is My Summer with the Leprechauns by Tanis Heliwell. She goes to her ancestral land of Ireland and stays in an old cabin and starts interacting and interviewing a Leprechaun who wanted to start helping people. The spirit mentioned that the old custom of leaving a bit of food and some mead or honey wine for the elementals as this was enjoyable to them, and they would take the essence and life-force from the offerings and would find it disgusting if someone were to eat the remains after they had partaken. An older book from Theosophy is called The Hidden side of Things by Charles Leadbeater, and speaks in detail on what elementals are and what they do. He describes how some elementals attach a ball of chi to the seed to get it to sprout and different ones would continue to feed it energy as it grows.

It is said that each type of elemental has a twin pair of beings that are their hierarchs or leaders, the head of the earth being are called Virgo and Pelleur.

It seems that higher beings such as Elohim who are creators, or angel devas, can create a thoughform with feeling and spirit and create an elemental. They might start out as tiny little sparks of energy, like tiny gnats. But over time they evolve toward greater individualization. At first they may be assigned to make the coloration and pattern on one flower on a tree, and feed it with life force. Then they may graduate to a bush of their own, and they work their way up in this manner with more and more focus and mastery. Over millions and billions of years they can even evolve to being the great creator being that fashion moons, or planets or even star systems.

The sad thing about elementals is because until they reach a certain stage are not really individual beings who reincarnate like us. Thus death is the end for many of them, even if they live hundreds of years, and their loved ones really grieve their absence. It is said the grief we feel with departed ones was learned from them, but we have it much better as we are eternal souls. Certain elementals who have really served and graduated, can be given a spirit flame and allowed to continue on and many become human. You may even notice their form or face as being very fairylike, elf like or gnome like.

The beings associated with the water element are called the Undines. These names were used by the early alchemist that knew of these creatures. These mermaid like beings are very sweet and beautiful, but they are terribly burdened with all the water pollution, toxic waste, plastics and chemicals in the water. But if we cooperate with them, water has a way of purifying itself, we just have to stop the pollution. And it is not just physical pollution, the water element has to do what is called the Astral plane, or emotional body of the planet. It is a cesspool of human emotions that we feed with our anger, depression and greed. We must clean up our emotional bodies as well as the outer water is a reflection of this inner water emotional energy.They have so much to do with the oceans and their currents, the seas, the lakes and rivers and ponds and the water cycle. You can often feel the presence of an undine in a waterfall. The beings who are the leaders of the Undines are called Neptune and Laura.

The beings of the air are called the sylphs. These magnificent beings like large fairies control the air currents and the purification and the prana or life force in the air. When human consciousness so burdens these creatures then they must eventually throw off their energy into the physical, and this can be a hurricane or tornado for the sylphs, a flood by the undines or an earthquake or landslide from the gnomes. I would guess the sylphs get great enjoyment in forming the clouds and all their myriad forms. The hierarchs of the sylphs are called Aires and Thor. The air element corresponds to the mind. Thus air pollution is not just toxins, but a reflection of the mental bodies of the people, especially around large cities.

Finally there are the beings of fire called the Salamanders by the alchemists. These beings can be quite large, over 10 feet tall and are like rainbow colored flames. They control fires, electricity and nuclear energy. This fiery energy has to to do the the etheric plane, which is like the spiritual and memory body of the planet. The masters in control of these being are Prince Oromasis and Diana. I think the electromagnetic fields and pollution and cell phone grid is a type of pollution of the spiritual body of the planets and has a negative effect on our nervous systems which are ruled by fire.

We are meant to consciously cooperate with these beings and bless them. I usually see them as bright sparks of light, mostly blue or violet. For a whole year I went on my deck every morning and prayed for each type of elemental and sent them on missions to clean up nature and pollution and prevent disaster. You see, we are the mind of the planet, we send out the though forms and the elementals precipitate it into manifestation. If we don’t send out conscious positive ideas, they will pick up on our angry, violent thoughts of hatred and we will reap the whirlwind. After a year of this ritual I went outside to my backyard and found a perfect fairy rings of mushrooms around my chaise lounge, over a hundred mushrooms in a perfect circle. So when they respect you they will follow and obey your commands, and may even give you that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, after all they are masters of the matter universe.

So I hope you start blessing and interacting with these precious beings and together we can clean up this earth and make it the paradise it was made to be.


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