Within the sound of Silence.

No matter how much power there is in words, sounds and music, these are less important than the space they all arise from, which is silence. Mozart said “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” When you were a infant you learned the labels and signifiers that the adults and siblings in your environment gave you to symbolically label the things and experiences you were perceiving. Soon you developed a stream of consciousness in your head, a continuous river of words labeling and describing the world, but it also distanced you from the actual world as it is in the now.

Then you learned the concept of time, and these words in your mind created a past and future, which often was tainted with regrets and fears which again took you away from the only real space there is, in the eternal now.

When an idea or concept comes to your mind, it is often in words, but the impulse behind and prior to the words comes from a place before language. It came from silence. You would think that creating thoughts in words takes effort and that it should be easier just to not make that effort and let the mind be still and silent. Oh how wrong this is. Where is that little voice located? Is it the true self, or a falsely created ego, that is almost an alien to your real being.

Lets give it a try right now. I am going to time a whole minute. For that minute just be and don’t think words or thoughts, or even the thought that I am now not thinking. Lets see how you do, I’ll count to three and then just observe for this one minutes. 1, 2, 3 (1 minute of silence)

Well how did you do? Not easy is it. I heard recently that even long term meditators admit to thinking something about every 14 seconds when meditating. That is why many are satisfied with just observing the thoughts from pure awareness and not being swept away by them or entering into and following them as we are accustomed to doing. That pure silent witness has been your background consciousness your whole life. You have a sense that you are the same person you were in nursery school, in grade school, as a teen and until now. There is part of you that is pure awareness that is aware of your waking life as well as your sleeping and dreaming life. How could we say that I enjoyed a refreshing sleep if part of you was not aware.

Last week I did a 7 day silent retreat where I didn’t talk for 7 days and spent my time either meditating or walking silently in nature. Finally around day 5 I could enter into states of meditation I have only heard about in books. I did breathing exercise and found my brain light up with infinite white light and I could hear a rolling hum that is known as the OM. I asked the meditation teacher about this and he said you want to get to the source of the light and the sound until there is no longer an I as an experiencer of light or sound. In other words complete silence.

Think of all of outer space in the universe. Besides on the atmospheres of a few planets where there is some sort of air, there is complete silence between the stars. Remember that horror movie with the byline, “in space nobody can here you scream” It is true, there is no air to propagate sound. So besides our earth and our minds, mostly everything is in dead silence, or should I say live silence. For all manifestation comes out of this silence emptiness. All things are unfolded from the zero point in the nothingness, that is the potential for everything.

When we are in the mind, we think. And we can see that thinking people all have different opinions of what is real or truth. But it is said that the enlightened beings and self realized Yogi’s, empty their minds into the oneness and they have access to all knowledge, truth and understanding. When you have to make a decision, try not thinking of an answer, but enter into the great silence and allow insight to flash forth into your awareness from your higher mind. Even if I’m at a restaurant and want to know which dish is best for my body, I can silence my mind and put my attention on a dish and just feel and experience in my body and energy field the effect of this food. Is it a tightening or nauseous feeling, or light heart expanding feeling. Thus there is a way to think and decide things without the rational mind.

I feel that for the foreseeable future things in general are going to be more difficult and stressful for most people on this planet, whether it is economic or destruction in the natural world. We can’t let the throttle of adrenal stress and sympathetic overdrive of our nervous system wear us down and deplete us. The key is meditation, meaning complete mental silence and emotional peace. If things are not too bad right now, then this is the time to develop this skill, so like a trained muscle, you will have the ability to enter into this state, so it times do get rough, you will have the ability to enter into the eye of the storm, or the black hole at the center of the galaxy and be in that zero point where everything manifests from.

So we can all carve out at least 5 minutes a day to settle our minds and relax into silence. And as you realize how blissful this can be, you will be motivated to put more and more time into cultivating this state. Eventually you may enter that state the Yogi’s call Samadhi, which is an ultimately blissful state of pure silent awareness. It is so wonderful that they would rather live alone in a cave and hardly eat or sleep, than to have all the noise and experience of the world. I don’t expect that will happen to you, but as you cultivate silence in meditation, it will carry over into your waking life, where you move in peace and then life manifests through you with what the Chinese call Wu Wei or effortless effort. The will of the universe just starts manifesting through you, without your outer self having to do anything. This has been called being in the state of flow. You will be perceiving the wonder of beauty in nature and the world, like a child does, all without thought or words. You will be truly alive.

So enter into the soundless sound, within the sound of Silence.


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