How much of your life should we leave it up to the Universe/God?

Hello Warren:


How much of your life should we leave it up to the Universe/God? I often hear people say “let the Universe guide you”, “trust the Universe/God”. I understand that no all things are within our control, and those things are best leave it to the Universe (so I could find some peace). How do you know if a decision you made is also the working of the Universe/God? How to trust the Universe/God? How to know what is within and what is not within my control? Amy Chan

Very good question.
We exist in a spectrum. Part of our being, our Higher Self is at all times one with God and shares in the knowledge of the Will of the Universe. But the lower polarity is a physical vessels with a false ego that has mostly been downloaded from parents at a young age before age 5. This fake self feels cut off and separate from the oneness, bliss and trust that permeates the universe. So the real question is where is your consciousness focused. When through prayer, contemplation and meditation you train your mind to be empty of thought and open to the cosmic mind, then you will find that your intuition downloads messages and directions from the universal mind. It is like how a tuning fork will vibrate if that same note is played at a distance. When you allow yourself to vibrate with the vibration of the unified field, you will either know directly from the source or the movie of your life will just allow the plan to unfold, often through amazing coincidences called synchonicities. It helps to just let the ego surrender and let the soul offer a faith based prayers like “God, I thank you for direction in my life and accept your most Holy Will?” Then let go and go into deep silence, not even wondering about the answer and allow it to either suddenly come as a knowing or to gradually unfold in your life. The more that it works, the greater faith you develop and the easier the answers come.


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