Invisible Helpers and Adversaries

Notice how in nature there is never a vacuum. It seems like every square inch gives rise to some form of life attempting to live there. Even on the physical some of these beings are beneficial to us, some ignore us, and some can cause us harm. Well there are many different dimensions beyond our 3 D space time world, and they are all inhabited by many types of beings, some helpful, some neutral and some of malintent. Just because we can’t see them with our two eye vision or two ear hearing doesn’t mean they are not there. The more you know about them, the more you can cooperate with the helpful ones, as well as protect yourself from the negative ones.

You may have heard about beings known as guides. Even though we seem to often stumble through life, we do have friends of light looking out for us. We did meet with advanced beings before this life that helped us plan out this life and guide us when we are deviating from our plan or what is best for our growth and development. To grow means sometimes to face difficulties, so we are not just here for ease and pleasure, but to round out and balance our soul.

There are beings known as Ascended Masters, that have graduated from the need to reincarnate in physical bodies on earth. They could have gone beyond this planet into much more blissful places, but out of compassion they stay behind and dwell in the etheric levels and retreats, guiding the planet to greater and greater freedom and enlightenment. Many of our greatest discoveries and inventions and ideas actually are picked up by embodied souls after being broadcast from these high souls. These beings are one with their higher mind or Christ Self and unified with their God Self or I AM Presence. They can put people in situations where they are tested on their ability to love or have integrity. This is called the path of initiation. The more tests you pass, the greater the Light and Power you have access to. They invest energy in their disciples, so they must test them gradually so they don’t waste the investment the masters grant them with.

Many of the saints of east and west have graduated the need for bodies, but still have a great desire to give and serve and save, with even more power than they have when in embodiment. You can get to know these beings intimately and receive guidance from them. You may even go to their level when you sleep at night and may even remember some of these interactions in the morning, or at least have a dream with symbols that speak to the soul

There are also a class of beings commonly referred to as angels and above them are their guides the Archangels. Angels are like God’s hands and feet. They don’t have the free will that humans do, as they always do the will of God. There are many miraculous stories of people being saved in wars or from car accidents by the intercession of the angels. It seems that for them to act on our level, it is helpful if they receive prayers and petitions from those in form. There is a saying “The call compels the answer.” But ask always according to God’s Will, for we are never quite sure if what we want is truly what is best for our growth.

In a previous talk I spoke about the elementals or nature spirits. I mentioned that there are beings of the four elements and how they help the plant and animal life. They were made to act according to the thoughts of people, which should be pure and holy. But now that most of humanities thoughts are like a sewer, and our entertainment is mostly about debasing activities and murder, the whole of nature is off kilter and going crazy. So while it is useful and beneficial to help the plants and animals in the natural world, it is also helpful to work with the invisible beings that care for them.

There are majestic beings, many who millennia ago were elementals, that form and dream up entire worlds. These are called the Elohim. Interesting the first line in the bible that says “God created the heavens and earth” it is not a singular noun but a plural one, so it is god’s who created, these are the Elohim. They are so powerful, that no dark force can withstand their energy and protection.

Now that you know about the helpful invisible beings, it is wise to know something about the beings of the shadow. The main ones being entities, demons and discarnates. Almost every negative trait and addiction is associated with some kind of entity. Some of these beings start out as a human thought like lust or greed or hatred. They go out in the mental plane, and gather together with other thought forms and become like a being. Thus a lust entity for example may jump into or attach the brain of a man and cause him to rape someone.

Discarnates are the shells or astral bodies of someone that died. These are commonly referred to as ghosts. If someone was an alcoholic and dies, their soul may go up to the higher level, but their discarded emotional or astral body can still linger and even attach to someone else in embodiment as it tries to meet its desires, thus making it hard for the one in earth to resist drinking more and more alcohol. For the discarnates hand would go right through a bottle, but it can enjoy the sensation of drinking by being attached to the embodied person and override their desire to stop drinking.

Demons seem to be like consciously negative beings, much like angels are on the light side. They may be sent by darker being like fallen angels and carry out their plans to create mischief and heartache. They can get inside peoples minds and make them do crazy things. No person in their right mind would want to blow up strangers and murder innocent children, but with these dark forces weak people can be used as tools to do much evil.

We have to cleanse our minds of feeling of negativity and darkness so that we are not able to be influenced by these beings of the shadow. The angels and masters can be invoked for protection. We all have guardian angels, of whom Archangel Michael is the chief and commander. So call to him for protection. Of course Jesus, Buddha and Krishna and other avatars have unlimited power to assist us, but it is up to us to get rid of the vulnerabilities in ourselves.

So don’t be scared of the darkness, for fear may even open you up more to negativity. But strengthen your faith, ask for guidance and protection. Use the power of creative visualization to put thoughts of light and power around you. Eat well, exercise, be kind, meditate and pray and lets us make this planet a heaven on earth as it was meant to be. We have all the help we need.


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