Weekly Warren Finale

Now we are at the end of our year of talks, this being number 52 in the series. I am so excited that you have helped me to serve life and spread what I know. There is a nation named America that was called the Land of the Free. That is not longer true. Right now people are being kicked off Facebook and the other internet platforms, just for sharing their opinions about things and question the official narratives. Last week I found out that mail chimp not only stopped people from sending out emails about questioning vaccine safety, they would not give them their own email list back. This is the beginning of tyranny. I expect that the dark ones will try to interfere with our freedom and choices, but we should not sit idly by and allow our freedoms to erode.

I’m just saying this because our country is not going the right way. Many people know the age of Aquarius is coming, they feel a shift, they know that something better is necessary. We see people being held responsible for crossing the line with the MeToo movement. We see people being punished for being prejudiced. But we must be careful that the pendulum doesn’t swing to far the other way, that someone who made one slip up in their youth doesn’t have their entire career destroyed forever.

What we really need to see is that everyone is a soul. The ego or personality is just a covering, bound to and identified with the physical body. When we wake up to the soul consciousness we see things as they are. There is not more hatred or blame, there is perspective of eternity. When we are eternal beings, we value life and treat all our experiences with love and respect. We know the law of karma, that everything we sends out will come back to us, so we train ourselves to always send out the positive or at least be neutral.

Over the weeks we have discussed the soul and its energies, relationships, and service to life. I want you to be able to contact levels of consciousness that helps you be detached from the ego, and connected to the heart. Information is not enough, we have more than enough information. We have to be sensitive to our energy field so that our intuition is guiding us and our decisions. When we eat well, exercise properly, have a clean mind as you work on your psychology, and use techniques such as mantras, visualization and meditation we get sensitive to energy and vibration. You will just know and feel when something is not right or if you are going down the wrong path. Along with your spiritual guides it gets harder and harder to get off track.

In Spirit we are all knowing. But we have chosen to come down to this dense earth to learn lessons, balance karma and attain mastery. Being on earth at this time is not for the faint of heart, but for the Victors of Spirit. There is a path of initiation where life puts us in certain situations so we can see if we can apply what we know to be right. It is like being in a school room where there are exams and tests to see that we have the attainment that we think we have. But no worries, we are all expected to use trial and error and make mistakes, but our suffering leads us to choose better and better.

We are beings of infinite consciousness, and we must tune into those higher levels. By now I hope you have looked at all the cosmic contemplations. I know how hard it can be to silence the mind in meditation. So these guided journeys are to help you gain perspective in your life. We are floating in a galaxy of 100 billions stars among billions of galaxies right now, feel that immensity and put your flicker of a lifespan into perspective and be amazed. You are made up of trillions of tiny cells, each with their own life and function and it makes you be you. Be in awe of that. When you walk in public, imagine that light shining in every heart and see the inner pure child of God dwelling there, no matter what the outer form.

So I hope you can apply much of what we have learned together this past year. I love treating patients, but there is only so much I could pass on in a short visit. But now you have learned over 50 different things about life that perhaps you didn’t grasp before. Look over the list of the weekly talks and see which ones really light you up and that you are excited about. Maybe you can give presentations on those items or share with friends. You can get on social media and just give a 5 minute talk on something like near death experiences or how to have a good relationship. Maybe you can learn some modalities of holistic health and start to practice on your family or friends and see if it can grow into a larger service.

I have hope that the world will improve, but it won’t happen by itself. We each have to become radiating centers of peace. We must all be an example of honesty, integrity and service. Many people will know us by our example, even if they really don’t know us, as we all read each other on inner levels. There is only one Being and we are part of that. What we do affect the whole. Don’t underestimate the power of good person doing their best to be powerful, for that power comes from on high. Light the world by your example, and don’t watch the news too much, it doesn’t tell of the future that is dawning in our hearts. Be the news you want to see in the world.

So thank you for taking this journey with me. I feel led to continue teaching and having more live talks and answering your questions and helping you figure out your personal issues, so you can thrive and move forward in your service to life. So stay tuned and keep on learning and growing!


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