My child within, is a joyous box
That opens it’s lid, undoing the locks
A giggle, a smirk, a jiggle, a word
A song emitted, we laugh at a turd
For poop is funny for a little child
A whoop and a jump, it’s fun to be wild
That adults say shush, It is not so funny
They know your joy is sweeter than honey
But they forgot to guffaw so often
Their brains and bellies start to soften
Take out the garbage, wipe your shoes
Becoming prisoners of all those rules
Run outside naked, that’s now a crime
For children it is party time
I don’t suggest you need run in your buff
Or that life is forever tough
But laugh and giggle, smile and shine
It’s better than beer and sweeter than wine
Why can we all be as children again
And feel the joy, like before we were ten
So smile, so smirk, and crackle with mirth
Then we have given a lift to the whole planet earth


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