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Warren King

What is an auricular medicine exam?

Here Warren King, a licensed acupuncturist, walks you step-by-step through an examination using auricular medicine.

During the session, the patient simply lies down on the table and relaxes. Earrings, watches and any battery powered or magnetic devices are removed so as not to disturb the energy of the body. It doesn’t matter if legs are crossed or not, shoes and glasses may be left on, if desired. Talking or asking questions does not disturb Warren while he works.
There is a complete map of the body located on the surface, or auricle, of the ear. Major nerve connections go from the brain to the ear and the brain is connected to the whole body, thus the ear is a wonderful tool that can be used to access and treat the body.
There are three different phases shown on the ear, depending on the chronicity of a problem. Phase one indicates lightly out of balance, or an acute problem; Phase three is more chronic and is characterized by inflammation and irritation; Phase two is the most chronic and my indicate damage or degeneration in a body structure. Healing goes from degeneration to regeneration and as it passes through inflammation, uncomfortable symptoms may arise which actually denote that healing is occurring.
A brass tray, with a wire and diode attached to it to keep the energy flowing in one direction, is placed on the arm and neck of the patient. This serves as an extension of the person’s energy field so they don’t have to try to hold a number of remedies or filters in their hand as Warren tests them.
In this system, the skin on the limbs is for inputting information, the neck and torso for removing information. When a stressor, such as sugar or mercury is placed on the arm, a point will show up on the ear indicating that it affects the person’s health. An organ or tissue placed on the arm will bring out information related to that body part. The exact point and phase can be localized on the ear’s surface. The point can then be treated (with either electric stimulation, cold laser, pellet pressure or acupuncture needle) or a homeopathic remedy, herb or nutritional product may be chosen to balance out the point.
The round disks that Warren uses (see picture) are called filters and are made of a type of plastic that does not disturb the body’s energy. Inside the filters are substances, either parts of the body such as scar tissue, liver, hypothalamus, or materials to stress the body, such as mercury, sugar or animal dander. Some substances, such as foods used to test sensitivities, are found in glass vials.
Warren takes the person’s pulse throughout the entire session. As he moves in toward the ear, he can feel a change in the pulse when he hits the energy coming out of the imbalanced acupuncture points on the ear. As the bio energetic field around the ear is disturbed and then balanced, he can determine what organ or tissue is involved, what stage it is in and what will correct the imbalance. This using of the pulse along with the ear is called the VAS or vascular autonomic system.
In his right hand is a special filter that blocks all energy coming off the ear. When the filter is brought in toward the ear, within one heartbeat, Warren can feel a surge in the radial artery that indicates how far the ear is sending out energy from an imbalanced point.
There are numerous points emitting electromagnetic energy from among the hundreds of possible points on the ear.
The point with the most frequencies will send energy out the farthest. That is the point to be addressed first. Once the point is balanced, either by treatment, having the appropriate energy remedy on the arm, or removing information on the neck, the body is stressed again and the next point will show up. Often many points will show up in succession, and this helps determine the “causal chain” or what organ, tissue or gland has caused another one to become out of balance. This really helps to explain where a person’s problems began.
There are thousands of possible remedies to choose from to balance the points that show up on the ear. They may be homeopathic remedies, minerals, vitamins, foods or other medicine that a patient has brought in to test. Warren tries to use the minimum number of remedies to get a person well and keep him feeling as good as possible during the cleansing process. Often the remedies just address a certain problem or toxin and, once cleared, never have to be repeated again. After the whole person is well, they have learned to eat properly and have a balanced lifestyle, there is not normally a…
…need for more than a very few supplements, and often none at all. The appropriate remedy is placed on the tray that is connected to the patient’s arm. This will cause an immediate change in the field coming off of the ear. Side effects can also be determined by putting a substance on the arm. By removing a substance and then placing it on the neck, you can see what organs would be affected by withdrawal of that substance from the body. This is very helpful in treating addictions such as smoking, coffee or drugs.
When the correct remedy is placed on the arm, the energy coming off the ear will move inward, indicating that the most out of balance organ or tissue is being balanced.
When the energy coming off the ear is brought down one centimeter or less, that is the correct remedy and another point can be found.
When no more points show up on the ear after other stressors are placed on the arm, that is all the body wants to deal with during this session. Instructions on how to take the remedies and the proper diet are printed out. Warren focuses on using the minimum number of visits with least cost for a person to be healed.

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