The Soul’s Journey – Book Launch Interview

The Soul’s Journey: A Pre-Life Adventure

An amazing adventure of a soul in heaven planning his next life on Earth. He learns from guides how to stay healthy while in embodiment. He chooses his parents and prepares them for his coming, and goes on adventures in higher and lower realms. The laws of the Universe are revealed in a thrilling story form.


Winter is the Time to Give Your Kidneys Some Love

In the healing philosophy of the Far East the energy flow in our environment is reflected in our bodies. In the system of the Five Elements, it is the Water Element that corresponds to the night-time in the daily cycle and the winter in the yearly cycle. The organs associated with water and thus winter are the kidneys and the urinary bladder. Isn’t it amazing that your 2 kidneys, which are the size of your fists, can filter you blood, all one and a half gallons of it, 400 times a day! The adrenals are associated with the kidneys and have to do with handling stress and keeping inflammation down. In Chinese Medicine the...

QNRT: Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy

QNRT | Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy QNRT stands for Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy. It is a unique therapy based on the knowledge that unresolved emotional trauma and life patterns lead to imbalances in our lives, eventually causing anything from troubled relationships to major disease. HOW IT WORKS: Emotional shocks and traumas that you experience create challenging dynamics in your nervous system. These events or life patterns simultaneously imprint on your brain, tissues, and psyche. The information is often buried in your subconscious mind and leads to dysfunction in the way you perceive and navigate your life. It also changes the way your body functions, leading to imbalances and disease. QNRT works to resolve emotional shock, traumatic events, and life patterns. By letting go of limiting patterns and emotional...


Fermented or Cultured Vegetable Video

click here for video: Cultured or Fermented Vegetable Video I'm really excited to be able to share with you a 10 minute video that I made that can really change your life. I have found, and research is now proving, that the balance of the beneficial bacteria in your intestines has a profound effect on your overall health, including your immune and digestive system as well as your weight.   I used to sell lots of high quality beneficial flora products, but lately have found that people can usually do just as well by eating fermented foods on a regular basis. One of the best fermented foods, that has very low allergenic probability, is fermented or cultured vegetables. Just a few tablespoons a day is good for most people,...