A New Year of Peace & Self Discovery

Dear Friends & Patients, Even though I’m not seeing patients in person right now, it feels really good to be connected to so many of you through the Online Healing Community. For those who haven’t had a chance go join yet, I wanted to give you some details of the subjects that have been covered for the first half year of content, which includes daily facebook posts and thoughts for the day, bi-weekly guided meditations or "Cosmic Contemplations" and a short weekly talk covering a wide variety of health and spiritual subjects. You can ask me some general questions for the group as well. There is a recipe section and I hope to add more soon. You can also share your favorite healthy recipes as well. Here is...


The Soul’s Journey – Book Launch Interview

The Soul’s Journey: A Pre-Life Adventure

An amazing adventure of a soul in heaven planning his next life on Earth. He learns from guides how to stay healthy while in embodiment. He chooses his parents and prepares them for his coming, and goes on adventures in higher and lower realms. The laws of the Universe are revealed in a thrilling story form.


Winter is the Time to Give Your Kidneys Some Love

In the healing philosophy of the Far East the energy flow in our environment is reflected in our bodies. In the system of the Five Elements, it is the Water Element that corresponds to the night-time in the daily cycle and the winter in the yearly cycle. The organs associated with water and thus winter are the kidneys and the urinary bladder. Isn’t it amazing that your 2 kidneys, which are the size of your fists, can filter you blood, all one and a half gallons of it, 400 times a day! The adrenals are associated with the kidneys and have to do with handling stress and keeping inflammation down. In Chinese Medicine the...