The hearts own fire within the breast Alights the flame in every chest Where freedom once burned far and wide We see an endless crimson tide Laughter was when worlds were made When men fought with words and not with blade For all fight for rights that are not given Unless the flame be peace from heaven For God is in the world of form He is the drip, he is the storm One in essence, two in form The Master loves and is reborn So fight for truth and never give in To the schoolyard bully or his evil twin The ego in us that feels ashamed How can self image be ever maimed I laugh at life and all that's true A flame from God I try to woo So Victory may descend again Upon the cellphone or the pen That wisdom shine...


The Pauper and the King

The Pauper and the King Down here we grovel on the earth We didn’t ask to take this birth Says the soul unconscious then For they do not remember when As children of the living King Who said I send you down to win To prove yourself when all seems lost To do my will, never mind the cost With our begging bowl in hand Our head we bury in the sand And seek to eek out our living here The universe responds then to our fear And gives us what we visualize See what you want, if you are wise I Am the child of the King In my heart, I hold his ring With the stamp of immortal fire On the path, I shall not tire No more scrounging, head held low For my source is not below I rise unto the cosmic mind The...



Laughter My child within, is a joyous box That opens it's lid, undoing the locks A giggle, a smirk, a jiggle, a word A song emitted, we laugh at a turd For poop is funny for a little child A whoop and a jump, it’s fun to be wild That adults say shush, It is not so funny They know your joy is sweeter than honey But they forgot to guffaw so often Their brains and bellies start to soften Take out the garbage, wipe your shoes Becoming prisoners of all those rules Run outside naked, that's now a crime For children it is party time I don’t suggest you need run in your buff Or that life is forever tough But laugh and giggle, smile and shine It’s better than beer and sweeter than wine Why can we all be as children again And...