Personal Consultations

Warren only offers a limited number of one-on-one sessions. He only works with those who he knows he can get amazing results with.

So apply here and if it is a good fit he will let you know how to sign up for a session. He mostly is engaged in teaching and writing but is interested in working with motivated people wanting to get to the roots of their issues. Here are your choices for engaging with Warren on a personal basis:

Existing Patients: Click here for 30-Minute Phone Consult option

“Spending the weekend with Warren and experiencing “The Ultimate” was a game changer for me—I experienced a recalibration and an overall reset for how I live my life. I’m already looking forward to my follow-up session!” (Read Full Testimonial)

The Foundations of Health


One-on-One Live In-Person with Warren
or recorded Zoom talk long distance

  • Complete intake form (you will see which glands need the most work)
  • From this Warren will begins to make sense of your symptoms
  • Custom treatment plan (Warren will scan you body and indicate which organs, glands and body parts are most out of balance and which substances will balance them)
  • He chooses from over a dozen of the highest quality companies for homeopathic and nutritional products
  • You may have supplements or products you take or have for testing as well
  • He will go over what is the best diet for your body, whether an existing diet already on the market or a customized plan.
  • Warren may suggest one or more home remedies you can use to speed up healing.
  • Find which points you can use for self acupressure
  • Lifestyle suggestions such as exercises and toxins to avoid
  • Get a free e copy of Love Your Organs, Love Yourself
  • Get an emailed report of findings and instructions
  • Get recorded zoom talk of the session
  • (If done in person can see if qualifies for a session of QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy to clear past emotional trauma out of the brain)

The Mystic


Often best to do after the Foundations of Health

  • Includes a copy of  The Soul’s Journey: A Prelife Adventure
  • Complete the Brain Intake form to see how nervous system and neurotransmitters are doing
  • Find out your main “ray” and chakra
  • Tune into your Divine Plan in this Life and understand your relationships and career
  • Find out about what your karma or experiences from past lives were.
  • Finally make sense of your suffering.
  • Find out who one or more of your guides are and how to get an image of them
  • Get custom mantras, prayers, or affirmations
  • Experience a guided meditation
  • Have a chakrology session (Warren’s recent invention): Go through each of your chakras, find which are out of balance and find out what they are trying to say and balance them
  • Learn how to set up an altar for your spiritual work
  • Find out which crystals or gems are best for your energy
  • Learn which is the best essential oil for you and how to use it
  • Do a custom cleanse if indicated
  • How to enter the path of initiation and mysticism
  • (If done in person can see if qualifies for a session of QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy to clear past emotional trauma out of the brain)
  • Get recorded zoom talk of the session

The Ultimate


In-Person with Warren
(ask about couples or family rates)

  • Includes The Foundations of Health And The Mystic
  • Get free membership to the Warren King Healing Community
  • Spend a day with Warren and pick his brain and download his wisdom for your body and soul
  • Tune into the highest mission of your Soul
  • Learn how to get into the Presence where inner peace dwells
  • Go out for a custom tested meal at a high quality restaurant (or shop for and cook a custom tested meal together, find specialty food items that are ideal for your health)
  • Warren will get a custom crystal for you and charge it for you
  • Experience a home remedy just for you (such as a ginger or castor oil compress or a healing drink or custom tea) and get the ingredients if indicated.
  • Practice Qi Gong exercises and learn how to feel energy
  • Learn how to do pranayama and meditation
  • Includes a 1/2 hour zoom call in 3 months