The name says it all: Cooking, nutrition, health and fitness tips presented on this site can help readers head off problems before they happen. There’s a nice blend of conventional and alternative medicine here. This is an excellent starting place for those people who are new-or are looking for a moderate approach-to alternative therapies.


The brainchild of Burton Goldberg, the publisher of Natural Solutions magazine and several books, this site offers numerous useful features. You’ll find taped audio programs, alternative health news, essays, a calendar of events and extensive lists of practitioners. The site features one of the largest searchable databases of alternative medical information on the Web. There is lots of information here, but the emphasis veers toward quantity over quality.


Dr. Weil answers one consumer question each day, but a database allows visitors to troll for answers to previous questions. Books, bulletins and newsletters are offered, along with self-help information. The Herbal Medicine Cabinet tells you which herbs you should have on hand during each of the four seasons. The Vitamin Advisor tells you what to take, based on your lifestyle.


Combining conventional and alternative approaches, this site offers a broad array of information on wellness, fitness, nutrition, illnesses, alternative medicine, self-care and family health. It provides links to organizations, a practitioner referral network, newsletters and discussion groups. In short, it’s extremely comprehensive. The emphasis is on traditional medicine from around the world. This is a good place for empowered consumers to explore self-health.


Great Web site for teaching values to children. Has many features such as E stories with free examples. You can even submit your own children’s stories. Lists of best books, music and videos for children at different ages, with links to other organizations helping children build character. They offer custom coaching to help you with problems you may have with your own children for only $30/hour. Created by a friend of Warren.


Mercury Learning Systems has assembled some of the most successful and advanced learning techniques available from around the world in fun and educationally absorbing games that help stimulate and develop the genius-like potential in every child. Created by a friend of Warren.


This is a great site to get you starting with some healthy cooking. Use link to Kushi Institute store to find many great healing vegetarian recipes. This is the ideal diet for cancer and many serious illness as well as daily health for many people. There is a store to order many great books, tapes and videos, even video cooking classes, even foods and cooking tools such as pressure cookers, knives and suribachis. You can even find out about retreat in upstate Massachusetts and a summer camp. Much of my knowledge of food and cooking came from my studies at the Kushi Institute.