The New Paradigm in Healing Newsletter | Spring 2010

The New Paradigm in Healing Newsletter | Spring 2010   Articles in this issue: Blog Post: Helping the Children The Dark Side of Unfermented Soy Recipe: Amazing Almond Butter Balls Ginger Compress for Spring A Great Website for Spiritual Seekers Testimonial Video Meditation: The Interview with God Humor: From the Mouth of Babes   Helping The Children   I am so grateful to working with many young children and making a major difference in their lives. Although ideally I would want to work with mothers before they become pregnant, children with health issues tend to heal quickly and often with amazing results. I just saw a young boy who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, which is a mild form of autism. After just a few months of treatment he is now in a regular school and doing regular kid stuff,...

Soy Products

The Dark Side of Unfermented Soy Writings about the soybean date back to 3000 B.C., when the Emperor of China listed the virtues of soybean plants for regenerating the soil for future crops. His praises centered on the root of the plant, not the bean. These ancient writing suggested that the Chinese recognized the unfitness of soybeans for human consumption in their natural form. Now 5000 years later, we are once again catching on to the anti-nutritive qualities of the soybean, and realizing that the only soybean worth eating is one that has been fermented.

 The key to releasing the nutrients of the soybean has been known for thousands of years.

About 1000 B.C. some smart person in China discovered that a mold, when allowed to grow on...