Patient Testimonials


“Doing the same thing over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Warren has been the catalyst in breaking my insanity! Many thanks.” –JM


“By offering me ways to heal, purify, and become who I was created to be. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.” –BXS


“By giving me alternatives to traditional medicine, he has helped my spirit and soul.” –SLG


“Warren King is always my first port of call when something is not right at any level of my being, be it physical or emotional. His help and advice is invaluable, as if he has connected with my very soul.” –ZCK


“Acupuncture saved me from knee replacement! It has been three years and my knee is flexible and strong. Warren is a gifted healer. Over the ten years I have been seeing him, this is just one of the major differences he has affected in my health.” –KJC


“Thank you, Warren has always been “accurate” and helped me for many hears and on many levels. Very uplifting.” –CC


“Warren has taught me about eating correctly and naturally to help heal my body. Without his guidance and ccare he has given me through the years I don’t know where I would be. I try to pass along to others, as they will allow, this invaluable service. I am so thankful for everyday. Warren truly has a gift from God.” –KW


“I have been seeing Warren for the past 12 years and y over all health has improved tremendously! Treating all aspects of my well being is the key, mental emotional, physical and spiritual!” -JB




“My life has changed profoundly for the better since I happened upon Warren King at a health expo. I cary his cards in my purse and whenever I hear someone speak of health issues, especially those chronic, burdensome ones- I hand them one of Warren’s cards and say, “I’m not just giving you a card- I am giving you a gift-see this man-it will change your life.”



Testimonial-Major Digestive Issues

About twenty years ago, 1991, I began to have digestive problems that brought on pain and over all continual discomfort.  I went to an MD and after the normal tests and such the doctor recommended that I have my gall bladder taken out. The procedure was done laproscopically and it was a rather easy procedure.  However, a few days after this procedure, I was again experiencing pain shortly after I had eaten. I went back to the doctor and they recommended an ERCP procedure.   This is a process where they go down your throat with several instruments and clean out your bile duct. After the ERCP procedure, things went on fairly well until 2005.  That’s when I began to have severe  pain in my stomach, similar to the pain I had in 1991.

I then went back to an MD and he lined me up with a gastroenterologist and I had another ERCP. The pain continued and I went back 10 days later for another ERCP.  It wasn’t long before the pain returned.  I saw another MD who had me see another gastroenterologist who suggested I have another ERCP. To make a long story short, I had two more of these procedures and the result was always the same, the pain and indigestion would come back.  The next step in the standard medical profession is a large operation where they re-route your liver, your pancreas, and then route your bile duct directly into your small intestine. I decline this as it is a serious operation without any guarantee of success.

Not long after that, a niece of mine told me about a natural practitioner that completely solved her difficulty with dizziness. She had had this condition for several years and had been to many doctors of different specialties with little or no help. She attended a special clinic where many doctors of varying practices were offering their skills in dealing with many human ailments.  One of the people she visited with was Warren King.  Warren King, with diet alone, resolved her dizziness almost at once. Because she is aware that I am having stomach problems, she told me her story several times over the course of two to three years.  Ultimately, she convinced me to give it a try.

I made an appointment with Warren King and he asked that I bring in a list of everything that I use to help the digestive problem . He asked what type of food I eat, among other things.  Incidentally, my intake of food before I met Warren was mostly bland soup and crackers.  The pain would be so severe that there were many times I would simply eat nothing at all. I lost weight that I did not need to lose and I had very little get up and go.

Warren ran a few tests on me and said I would have to change my diet for a little while and prescribed several herbs and vitamins that he used to get my condition corrected and for me to get my life  back on track. I was so negative about my condition that after my first session with Warren I asked how long it would be before I would feel relief and would be able to eat normally. I was very anxious and hopeful at the same time.  He told me I would see a big difference in about two weeks and then more slowly I would be back to normal.  I am now taking vitamin c, milk thistle, a multi herb,  and fish oil and all of these would be good for anyone with perfect health.  These are all natural things that are good for anyone with or without a health condition.

The one thing I have seen with Warren is that he is very positive and when he diagnoses your condition he is on it and knows what your needs are to restore your health.  He is intelligent, he is friendly, and you can contact him by email or by phone and you won’t wait long for his reply. He also has a gal by the name of Elizabeth working with him and she is there with perfect direction and solution to your needs at the time. She and Warren have almost angelic ways.  Concern and consideration is what you will see.  It has been a few days over a year since my first visit with Warren and I am so grateful for the turnaround my life has taken. If anyone has a digestive condition similar to mine I would very much recommend seeing Warren King.         J. O.,  Coon Rapids,  MN


Periodontal Disease

I just had another visit to my periodontist this week, and received the best rating yet on my teeth and gum pockets–all 2 and 3mm pockets, with just 3 4 mm pockets. And for more than 20 years, with 4 times-yearly visits, (ever since gum surgery) I always had several 5mm or deeper pockets, and the rest were 4mm and 3mm at the very best, and only a smattering of them.

 Then when I was seeing you about a year ago last fall, you prescribed a homeopathic remedy for one of my ailments. I remembered you said I couldn’t consume coffee or tea or chocolate while I was on the remedy. I read the label and instructions that first night and saw that it also said I should not consume anything with mint flavor in it. I thought: mint–my toothpaste has mint; I’d better switch to baking soda while I am on this remedy. So I did. I brushed my teeth twice a day with only baking soda and water. I got so used to it I just kept on doing it after I had finished with the homeopathic remedy. Then I went for my regular visit to my periodontist. Lo and behold–my gum pockets had shriveled! I had no 5 mm pockets at all, and some 4 1/2 mm pockets, but mostly 4’s and 3’s. My dentist asked me what I was doing differently. I thought a while and then realized: I stopped using toothpaste and use only baking soda. I told him. He cautioned me to make sure I kept using it with water to lessen its abrasive quality, but told me to keep on. Then I remembered that hydrogen peroxide kills anaerobic bacteria, which is what breeds in the gum pockets and keeps periodontal disease flaring up. It was obvious the baking soda was removing plaque far more effectively than toothpaste, and so I added 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash to my oral hygiene.

 Long story short, I am now seeing my periodontist for cleanings and checkups every 5 months, and hope to reduce that to six months next year. And, as I said, I had the best report ever from him this week. I know the old folk remedy for mouth care is baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, but I would never have believed it was truly so effective had I not begun to use it when your homeopathic remedy forbade the taste of mint in mouth. So I thank you very, very much, and if you ever have reason to counsel anyone on care for periodontal disease, please pass along my experience.

Flu relief


 I am a patient of Warren King.

 One Monday morning, I woke up with the flu plus a terrible cold (21st century multi-tasking?). I had chills, aches, a slight temperature, painful sore throat, painful headache, sneezing & blowing at least every 7 minutes.

 I was determined to build up my immune system by not taking antibiotics and getting well the homeopathic way.

 So I called Warren – I was too exhausted to barely get off the couch, let alone be clear-headed enough to drive 25 minutes to his office – I hope he forgives me for that – so he gave me a remedy (which he tested energetically) over the phone. I had to agree to eat no white sugar for 4 days while on the remedy. I was ready to do anything.

 I started to feel better with 24 hours. (I took 2 days off from work) My sore throat was going away. On the 2nd day I started feeling better and on the 3rd day I was practically well – with more energy than I have had in awhile and went back to work. I am continuing to feel better at the end of the 3rd day even though I am back at work!

 Praise God for Warren King!

Cancer Support – Patient Testimonial

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago, Warren’s testing and remedies helped me so much. I decided to go through chemotherapy and assist my body to detox by seeing Warren every two weeks or so for testing. He recommended certain liver- and kidney-supportive remedies which I took faithfully for the six months of the chemo. Our regular appointments let him adjust the recommendations and dosage. I think my experience was helped tremendously and I’m much healthier now because of Warren’s expert advice.

Working With Warren Changed My Life

I had the privilege of being referred to Warren King through a friend, which it seems all great things happen that way!  She knew of the depression I had suffered for years having heard my stories of my past.    My father had been an alcoholic and had threatened the lives of our family.  My father took his own life when I was 9 years old.  There have been many memories of my childhood that haunted me and kept me from living and sometimes wanting to live.  I went to psychologists for years.  When it was  advised I was going to have to have to take anti-depressants, I took my friend’s advice and called Warren.

Warren has a “waiting list” of clients wanting to get in to be treated by him.  I called to make an appointment for my 40th birthday present to myself.  Fortunately, there was an opening for me and I got in within a week.  All my anxieties of seeing a “healing arts” practitioner were put to ease with his peaceful office and warm office staff.  At first, I came to see him every 2-3 months and for the last several years, I come every 6 months mainly because I want to come!

In describing Warren, there are no words to encompass all that he is.  He is amazingly skilled in all his areas of training but has great intuitive abilities that assist him in his work.  He heals the mind, body, and soul so that each Being can be whole with peace within themselves.  He offers workshops on nutrition and wellness, recommends great books, refers you (if need be) to other sources/people too if it would aide in your healing.  In all sincerity, if one of my own 3 children were dying, I would bring them to Warren’s King office before any place at all.  I trust and respect him more than any other doctor.

My next birthday I’ll be 48 and I couldn’t be happier.  I truly never thought I’d live past the age of my own father…..I have by 4+ years!  I live in the present now celebrating the beauty of life.  Fortunately, I have the job of being a 1st grade teacher where I can influence and teach children what I have learned through Warren.  I know that by taking the time, care and investment to heal myself and by being in a healthy, happy state, I am making the world a better place through the words I speak and the actions I take.  That gives me purpose and a reason for being!

There are no words to describe my gratitude for Warren’s office, his staff and the work he is doing.  I truly believe by his helping heal one person at a time, “Peace on Earth” is occurring.

Bless you on your journey of wellness.  With love, light and healing to you, Joni McBrien

My chronic itching cured

I am extremely pleased with the results of my visits with Warren.  I may not have worked with Warren had I not gone to numerous doctors prior to seeing him.  I hope that by sharing this testimonial, many of you will be spared the cost and time of all those other treatments and work directly with Warren.

My arms and legs started itching uncontrollably four years ago.  Rarely did I have an actual rash on my skin, so doctors had difficulty diagnosing the cause just by looking at my skin.  I bought numerous creams, anti-itch medications, and soaking solutions that had no impact.  I went to an internal medicine doctor who sent me to have allergy tests and when nothing showed up, I went on to a dermatologist and hematologist for a lot of blood work.  We were about to do a spinal when I was introduced to Warren at the Woman’s Expo in Minneapolis in January of this year.  At my first appointment with him, he told me I’d be healthy within 6 months of working with him.  Those words were music to my ears after 4 years of waking up during the night because I scratched my arm till it bled.

Warren told me the metal fillings in my teeth were poisoning my body with mercury toxins.  He gave me the names of dentists who dealt with this and gave me homeopathic remedies to help clear out the toxins.  He also taught me how most lotions, perfumes, etc. do more harm to the skin than anything beneficial.  It took four dental visits to get all the metal fillings replaced, but within two weeks after the final replacements, the itching has completely disappeared.  It has now been two months of itch-free living and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to benefit from Warren’s knowledge and skills.

Patient Testimonials

Many people have experienced amazing results and changes as a result of working with Warren King and following his advice. If you have your own story to tell, so that others can be encouraged to work on themselves and their own health, feel free to submit your own testimonial. Just email us your testimonial and we’ll publish it on our blog.

Infertility Help

I saw Warren King a few years ago & the visits changed my life! I went to him seeking analysis of my diet & how I could improve on it & to make sure I did not have any food allergies etc. Much to my surprise I ended up getting much more out of it than expected. Besides customizing my diet, he absolutely cured the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I had been living with for years. Not only that, he helped me discover the source of it as well. It was very exciting to me & I have not had any problems since. He was so right on with all of his recommendations & analysis of me that I have referred him to several friends. Probably the most important thing that Warren did for me though, was assure me that I had no hormonal issues or obvious infertility problems & that I would probably be pregnant within 6 months. I WAS! My husband & I had a beautiful baby boy about 1 year later. Amazing. Thank you Warren!


Bundle of Energy


I have been thinking about “thanking you” for some time, and decided to finally sit down and tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. You may not realize this, but I talk about you frequently and promote your services because of the profound impact you have had on my life.

I first came to you out of desperation. I had tried so many different types of treatment and never had success. Diagnosed as a medically healthy individual, I was not healthy at all. I was tired, run down, had constant digestive problems and migraines almost everyday, yet no doctor could help me or tell me why I had these problems. Somehow I managed to adapt, and continue to live a full life, but desperately wanted to feel good and be free of pain.

When I read the warning label on the preventive migraine medication that my neurologist prescribed, I I was scared. I knew I didn’t want to take a daily med, especially one with so many side effects, yet I was miserable. A friend of mine had told me about you earlier, but I just assumed you were like all of the others I had seen and tried before.

I was desperate and finally made an appointment to see you. You restricted many of my favorite foods and gave me a number of remedies. Within two days I felt more energy than I had felt in years. However, as you told me, each layer reveals another, and my detoxing continued. It wasn’t always pleasant and it was not easy to follow all of your advice, but feeling good was always the benefit.

It has been almost 5 years (I think) since I first went to you, and I feel better and younger today than I ever have. My headaches are infrequent rather than frequent, I have a bundle of energy, and am living the way I was intended to.

Recently I ran across a picture of myself that was taken 10 years ago, and I saw a tired, unhealthy person. I compared it to a picture taken recently and couldn’t believe the difference. I can honestly say that I look better and younger today than I did 10 years ago.

I have a different attitude about eating, and although I am not as rigid as you would probably like me to be, I know I am eating well, and teaching my children well too. The best part is that I have the knowledge I need, and know how to listen to my body. I have worked hard over these past years, and with your help have become healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I don’t fully understand what you do or how you do it, but you have a natural talent and gift. Thank you for sharing that gift with me. You truly are an amazing person and it is obvious that you are fulfilling your purpose.

My best to you always,

Pain is gone

A little over 2 years ago, I had pain in my right side and extreme diarrhea every few hours for 3 days. I took the usual drug store remedy and it helped a little. After 2 weeks of this I went to my medical doctor and I was sent to an intestinal specialist. He did all the usual tests of looking in my intestinal track, stomach, also did the gall bladder test and found nothing. They said everything was healthy. I still had the pain with no help from the doctor. I decided to give up wheat and dairy, plus sugar on my own and that helped somewhat but still had a slight pain on my right side or just discomfort there most of the time. I put up with it for almost a year then decided to see Warren King. He found what was wrong right away and with a special diet for 10 weeks, the pain and discomfort is all gone. Within 5 days after I started his plan I felt no pain in my side. He has also helped me know which foods are good for my body and how to feel great all the time. I have lost the weight I needed to and have so much energy. I can exercise without feeling tired. Thank you Warren!!

PS: Just thought I would let you know that after you did the acupuncture in my ear for the sore muscle in both my knees, the next day I felt a tingling or a very high vibration right in that muscle. I would keep feeling it because it felt so strange but it kept it up all day. The next day the vibration was gone and so was the pain We had company this weekend and they are used to the high sugar and fat diet. I cooked the way Dick and I eat and they thought it was great and she lost 2 lbs and he 1lb. I think you may have another couple coming to see you.


My life changed through Macrobiotics

Macrobiotic’s has made so many changes in my life, the easy ones to see are skin changes, my toenails returned to their normal color, my sinuses and throat cleared up immediately. I don’t cough, never sneeze, my head feels clear and uncluttered. I lost 10-15 lbs without a thought about weight loss, my hair is actually thicker and shinier. So physically it’s been a great improvement, but that means nothing to me, because it’s the emotional and mental changes that have changed my life beyond my wildest dreams. I have become clear, focused, grounded – extremely creative, incredibly gregarious and out going, fun, loving – fearless and amazed every moment by the fantastic people and experiences I now draw to me! I feel free and exuberant and am always aware of how much more there is to learn about everything that has come into my life!

Before macrobiotics three of the things I struggled with in my life were buying food, preparing food and eating. I had no real interest in food except – sugar! I loved sugary baked goods and ate all the wrong fruits & vegetables too – potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms & lots of bananas, oranges and grapefruits!

Now of course the three things I enjoy the most are shopping at the Coop for fresh foods & grains, and cooking. I absolutely adore Macrobiotic cooking and of course enjoying my wonderful meals, which become more interesting and creative every day. I know I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me!

Sincerely yours,

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