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      Thomas M

      Hi everyone,

      I wanted to leave a comment here about my experience in the prayer group. In the past six months, no matter where I have been, no matter what I have been doing, no matter how much money I have made or how much personal success I have achieved, I have never felt better than when praying for those who have posted a request in the prayer group. Immediately upon sitting down to pray I have felt buoyant, charged with light, and a feeling of deep peace in my heart that is almost indescribable. Is it not remarkable that we can forget our human troubles for a while in service to one another? I have found that by the time I do then return to my cares or worries that they have melted away like morning mist before the sun. If you have particular things or even individuals you would like us to pray about or for, please post them as often as you like! I have started to realize that one day we are all going to depart this world without a single thing in hand. When that day comes I cannot take money or material things with me, yet I can take the record of doing good to others and all those who we serve will never forget our kindness to them. Just a couple thoughts, have a great week everyone!


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      Warren King

      Thomas, Thank you for your heart felt post. I hope more people can join in and support each other in this endeavor. That light you feel is the holy spirit and it dissolves our burdens and invites the higher etheric being to intercede on our behalf.

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      Lindsey P

      Thank you for your post Thomas.

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