Prayer Group Prayers for an End to Abusive Relationships

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      Thomas M

      Hi everyone,

      If you are willing, please pray for all the people who are trapped in parasitical, abusive and extremely dysfunctional relationships. Please pray for those who do not love themselves enough to stand up for themselves or walk away from these relationships. May resolution come swiftly to all such relationships and may all codependency cease! Thank you

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      Warren King

      Let us visualize couples coming together in prayers, seeking forgiveness, asking for help from God and wise counselors. Let us see the light over each couple, giving them opportunity to break from old pattern, some from past lives, some from a painful childhood or bad examples of adults in their lives when they were young. Forgiveness means that the person is not able to hurt the other again, or else they may be removed from the scene by spiritual guidance. Let us love each other as if the person were as important as you, because indeed they are. We are One.

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